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  1. Zongo

    Turkey Coup

    If you're going to make a thread about it you should probably do some research and summarize how shit's going down there. edit: Just watched the news, shit's back to the way it was pretty much. Except that now they want the death penalty back for the people involved apparently. Also my colleague was flying to Istanbul today so I guess his holiday went down the shitter, unless they can reroute his flight to Dubai or something.
  2. Zongo

    Games you play while listening to podcasts?

    When I played GW2 more, I always had something running. After that I got into The Binding of Isaac pretty hard. But nowadays I don't watch/listen to a lot of stuff anymore since I get home from work fairly late.
  3. Zongo

    Let's talk about Linux!

    I don't have much desktop experience with linux. However I do use Debian a lot so maybe I can be of some assistance. Still I'm not a guru by any stretch, I just do the googles a lot.
  4. Zongo

    Binding of Isaac builds/seeds

    I should play Isaac more, but lately whenever I play I just want a god build to kick everything in the teeth. But that's kinda what takes the fun and the challenge out of the game. So basically I can't enjoy the game anymore because I'm a piece of shit. Also I never saved seeds, if you really want to see some shit you could look out for game breaks (which I never got into). My favorite run is still this one from the first game. http://i.imgur.com/hjMHdF6.png couldn't get any better other than a joker card for a devil deal.
  5. Zongo

    The Culling?

    It seems fun but I don't have ppl to play with so meh, probably not gonna get it.
  6. Zongo

    Regarding the recent drama

    Ah, so that explains the vaping.
  7. Zongo

    How do you take your coffee/caffeine?

    In my entire life I think I've drank coffee once, like 12 years ago or something. It's not that I don't enjoy the taste or anything but ehh I really don't feel like I'm missing anything. Also I'm cheap so I just drink water.
  8. Zongo

    Steam Hours Judgement Thread

    I'm glad I don't have any hours logged on Wolfenstein ET anywhere. I really don't want to know how many thousands of hours I've played that game.
  9. Zongo

    Am I right in not wanting to get a car yet?

    I don't have a car and I really don't need it for the foreseeable future, would like to get my license though. Everywhere I go is within cycling range. Plus I get 'paid' to go to work by bike. Yeah the weather can be a real stick in the mud, but overall (even for Belgium) it's not too bad. It's also decent exercise to not be a complete sack of mash potatos, just regular firm potatos bitch. But yeah this country is tiny so my experience might not translate very well to the US, again depending on where exactly you are. So in your case, if it's doable by bicycle then I would highly recommend you do that. Save yo cash.
  10. Zongo

    r8 this build

    I don't know about that, but it was fairly amusing. OT: If you're planning on getting that motherboard in the partpicker list blind posted (GB z170x UD3), be very careful when installing your cpu cooler. Heatsinks will come flyin off it you so much as waft your hand past them. This comes from experience, sadly. Though I was able to stick it back on there and it's still on there to this day so I guess it wasn't too bad. Just thought it was worth mentioning.
  11. Zongo

    r8 this build

    You're very likely to be alright with a 4690k, unless it's also for virualization or whatever. I don't think there are games out there yet that would benefit from those extra threads.
  12. Zongo

    yes hello help me

    Concider second hand parts, you can often get really good value for your money. You have to watch out that it's all fully functional and won't die in a week or so of usage (e.g. graphics cards that were used for mining that could die any time)
  13. Windows 10 is fine for home usage as far as I'm concerned. However at work it's a different story... If you're running a domain with windows based pcs, just stay at win7. Win10 is absolutely abysmal in our domain. Just thinking about it after hours triggers muh PTSDong.
  14. Zongo

    Games with integrated voice chat?

    Dirty Bomb, it's pretty fun but I feel like it's slowly gonna go down the shitter. For me at least, since I saw it as kind of a replacement for my beloved Wolfenstein ET which is pretty much completely dead now.
  15. Zongo

    Paris Terror Attacks

    A bunch of IS fucknuts are comin in with the refugees. And they'll get weapons from local terrorists/extremists. I'm not surprised this happened, it was inevitable and I hope europe is gonna do something other than whatever the fuck it's been doing. I bet they're not going to feel so great about their plan to spread refugees across all countries in Europe when these cunts start bombing the shit out of everything here. Let's just hope that doesn't happen...