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  1. ouroborustattoo

    Allow me to introduce myself

    Welome, and all of that. Do you wear glasses, or have any pets?
  2. ouroborustattoo

    What's the avatar above you thinking?

    I dont know. why dont you have an arm sticking out of your head?
  3. ouroborustattoo

    The Avatar Above You....

    Erm, hello zombie. Stay here, while i silently run away.
  4. ouroborustattoo

    Post your gif

  5. ouroborustattoo

    Tanks and Witches a CYOA!

    I vote Decool takes over, since he made the map.
  6. ouroborustattoo

    CTRL+V! [Possible NSFW]

  7. ouroborustattoo

    Am I a bad person?

    Why would 10yr olds watch jersey shore? My friends been telling me it sucks. But thats his opinion, and i've never watched it.
  8. ouroborustattoo

    Am I a bad person?

    I'm sure a sensible person would see something wrong with that.
  9. ouroborustattoo

    Look at what i built, you fuckers.

    Good job. Most recent thing i built was a cruciform sword made out of iron.
  10. ouroborustattoo

    Halo 4

    And Promethean Knights
  11. ouroborustattoo

    Five To Hitler

    Nazi->Adolf hitler beat that
  12. ouroborustattoo

    Last words to your defeated enemy

    "I'm going to incinerate you, because you hate bacon. Or else i'd just fry you."
  13. ouroborustattoo


    Welcome. Be sure to duck below the cut device, and spell supercalafragilisticespealadocious on the tiles right/
  14. ouroborustattoo

    Hello world!

    Welcome. Hope you have fun. Oh, shake hands with the guy over there. Nah, hes not dead at all. Just very moldy.