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  1. So your principal won an honorary title within your state only that means nothing? Cool. Must be the "Best educator in Colorado that doesn't actually teach because he's a principal" award.
  2. For the most part, republicans are the more economical minded party. Democrats tend to appeal to sects, whereas republican plans appeal to the whole. Pretty much if it isn't a social dilemma, republican mind sets prevail. In the end, no politician can be trusted.
  3. About 3 weeks ago I decided that I wanted to raise some chickens for eggs,food,pest control and fertilizer. On my land I there was a 10x15 ft shack that had been previously been used for raising turkeys, so i decided to rebuild and make it fit for chickens. I started by tearing town all fencing and poles around the building and clearing all the foliage from the area. I buried 4x4 load-bearing poles 4 feet down, then braces the top and in between with 2x4s. My brother and our friend Asa working. Placing the fencing around the outside of the coop. The next step is making sure I have chickens to put in the coop when its ready so I obtained 10 black bantams. *WARNING. CUTENESS AHEAD* I got a tub and topped it with wire, then put a heat lamp over top to keep the babies warm will they're large enough to care for themselves. It only took about 2 days for them to learn to come when called. They love eating from your hand. DAAAAAWWWWWWW Will post more when the coop gets more finished and these guys get bigger.
  4. Dojo

    Self-sufficiency / BladeCrafting

    The types of steel used for blade forging are basically all the same, only true variation is the carbon content inside. It would be different if one was trying to engineer a very specific and complex item, but blade-smithing has been done for thousands of years with less technology than I'm using. I wouldn't prefer the tools and weapons I make in battle, but I would pit them against the Chinese made store bought knives we see everyday. Plus there is something awesomely manly in making something yourself out of steel. It really instills a feeling of self-reliance to know if that one had to, one could have a knife if stores not longer existed.
  5. Dojo

    Self-sufficiency / BladeCrafting

    Good question. I have a laser thermometer that I think I paid 30 bucks for, but the temperatures of the metal were just too hot for it to read (I use the thermometer when making beer now and to check to see if the metal is cool enough to touch.) I found out there is a MUCH easier way to measure the temperature and its so simple. Quite simply, you just look at the hue of your forged metal to find the temperature. So looking back at the spike in my earlier picture I said was 3k Farenheit for machismo was truly more along half that. Still enough to sear you straight through any organ/bone, but much more stable so it wont explode when you hammer it.
  6. Dojo

    Self-sufficiency / BladeCrafting

    My workbench is one i made from 2x4s and weighs a fuckton. My forge sits on a giant wooden cable-spool that I found on the side of the road. As long as you do the metal heating outside, you'll be fine. And that's just because when the bellow is blowing red embers go into the air. I keep a 5 gallon bucket of water on the standby to quench the metal and for my fuckups. I shaped a bit of the front and sanded some more. Tomorrow is staining if I have time, and I may put brass pins through the tang/handle.
  7. Dojo

    Self-sufficiency / BladeCrafting

    Cheapest/Most simple forge ever. A steel bucket (you probably have one) A few bricks (they're like 50 cents a piece) QuikCrete (its about 2 dollars for 50 lbs) A 2'' diameter steel pipe (3 dollars) Small ShopVac (You probably have one. If not..a small one is 15 dollars new) or Old hair dryer How to make Cut hole at base of steel bucket the size of your steel pipe (I used a hammer and screwdriver) the put pipe through bucket. Line bucket interior with bricks and plug the pipe with tape. Place a piece of Tupperware about the size of a foldger's can inside the center of the bucket on top of the pipe to create a cavity where your coal/metal will be forged. Mix QuikCrete and pour until rim of Tupperware.Let dry and set Done. Just attach your vac or hair dryer to the pipe, start a fire with charcoal, place in metal, turn on blower and step back. Next time I run some metal through I may post a video if any are interested. This is my forge. So simple. You can see the pipe in the bottom.
  8. Dojo

    Self-sufficiency / BladeCrafting

    I could help any of you design/build a forge for under 50 dollars maybe even 25 if you shop around a bit. An anvil could be just a small section of I-beam left from an old train track. The spikes are free if you look around any train track. As far as land to do this is concerned. All you really need enough space to set a 1ftx1ft table outside while you're heating the metal. Most people have the equipment necessary to do this and don't even know it. As always, I would help any of you with the knowledge I've gained attempting to do all this shit.
  9. As much as it sounds like a thread on some sort of RPG trade skill, its not. A few of you have asked about some of the many hobbies I hold so I figured I would show a bit. I find that many of my hobbies involve self-sufficiency. Bladecrafting, beekeeping, food foraging, chicken keeping, bushcrafting, primal archery, etc. Edit* I forgot the most important one, Beer-making. This is my forge setup. Its a steel bucket with concrete and bricks as insulation. There is a pipe on the bottom that I attach a shop vac to for an emulated bellow. This is what a railroad spike looks like at about 3k degrees Fahrenheit. Action shot. With a bit of muscle the spike can start to take shape. This is what it will look like after the shape is set and the metal is ground and polish a small amount. For this particular handle I epoxied 2 really great grained red oak slabs from a tree I found fallen at my friend's house with a binary thermo-resin. I finally had some time today and sanded the oak handles down to a fairly usable shape. This is what the handle looked like after just 1 coat of stain. Ill post more when this blade is more complete.
  10. Dojo

    What is porn?

    The Etymological meaning of pornography is "anything shocking to the consciousness".
  11. Dojo

    Grundy County, Tennessee: 24-hr "Cold Water Challenge"

    Its actually amazing how cold Tennessee waters can get. Norris Dam runs in the 40s all year long. even in the 110 degree summers.
  12. Dojo

    Happy St Patricks Day

    Drinking blue moon?
  13. Dojo


    100% Meat-eating, red-blooded AMERICAN!
  14. Dojo

    I just want you all to bask in my badassness

    This is all public record or it wouldn't be said.
  15. So today I took a role in an Indictment roundup with the DTF. Basically there were 36 individuals that a grand jury had issued indictments for their arrest. I got to look like a badass. (I made it seem like i was searching for phone signal, when really I was snapping a photo.) The day started at 5AM and by 8AM it seemed as if we were on a roll, having raided 6 building and arresting 10 people. Shortly after we came to a mobile home on the outskirts of a city inside the county. Through surveillance intel we knew there were two people in the house, one of which was wanted by the DTF. As my team made entry through the door the front portion of the mobile home exploded with fire. We pulled back, knowing that the building had caught fire. VERY shortly after the two subjects exited the house and were taken into custody. None of us were hurt somehow. Link to semi-accurate news coverage I got to spend the rest of the day and into nighttime as overwatch with my sniper rifle and ghillie suit doing surveillance recon. What I feel like after walking away totally un-fucking-shaken and still catching the bad guy.