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  1. Ara

    Titanfall 2

    been playing titanfall 2 on my ps4 like a dirty console pleb it takes me back to my mw2 days for some reason 5/7 game cant stop playing
  2. Ara

    is team avo still alive?

  3. Ara


  4. Ara

    yes hello help me

    i did forget to mention i wasnt planning to run any modern real games that have come out in like the last year and i do have a hard drive i can rip out of my old desktop and im sure if i wait a month or so i can increase the budget by $100
  5. Ara

    yes hello help me

    so im getting like $400 soon and i need a new computer and because i have no job and am very lazy id like to get a pc build i can upgrade sometime later in the future and as u guys know i am very bad at computer builds so u know... help edit: i know i should wait to get more money but ive been sitting on rly bad computers for awhile so id like something that can run actual games
  6. Ara


  7. Ara

    XCOM: Avolition Versus Aliens 2: Ironman Mode

    Name: Koni Nickname: Rk 2.0 Color: Red Class: Support
  8. Ara


    happy fucking new years faggot i fucking love you too you upside down cunt
  9. ℒℯ ℳℰℳℰ

  10. Ara

    XCOM: Avolition Forums versus Aliens

    Character's First Name: Swaglord Nickname: MEMER Favorite Color: Green Preferred Class: Medic Fedora: ya :^)