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  1. As people that sometimes may find yourselves modifying or cheating in games what are your thoughts in Epic Games trying to crack down on cheating by suing? I'm not a huge fan of cheating in PvP or shooter type games but this is blatant overreaching right? I don't know where the copyright argument stands in terms of modifying if you're not distributing game code since I'm not knowledgeable in that regard but I assume it's not a very strong argument. I understand that games can write in their policies about banning for any reason but I assume it's our right to modify any software we buy or download that is running on our machine. What are your thoughts? I'm sure there are people here who have more nuanced opinions that myself. https://www.theverge.com/2017/11/27/16707562/epic-games-fortnite-cheating-lawsuit-debate-14-year-old-kid
  2. xTeraa

    What's up Bitches

    Off topic but is that urealms I watched live a couple times when it first started but haven't checked it out recently
  3. When I joined the forums I was a squeaky 14 almost 15 years old. I think I was looking to be apart of a community and the aVo team seemed to be smart in a way that I wanted to be. Things like editing all the signs of a server blew my mind and looking back was quite inspiring to me. The idea of out smarting the creator of something and breaking the universe they created was very appealing to me, especially while having some laughs doing it. I made some great friends hanging out in Ventrilo (I think it was vent) during those times. My programming prowess mostly consisted of imitation and plagiarism at that time. A little down the line I had the opportunity to be in a video and with the team which looking back I think was a rather cool moment, if I had told the me that first joined the forums I don't know that I would have believed me. It's over 6 years later now and I'm about to start my 3rd year of University studying design. I've been through a few new online communities but they often had drama and I've become more distant to them. I think that might be one of the reasons I've started looking here again, it's appeared to be a bit of a rock in an internet where small communities come and go. One thing that's been pretty constant since I joined though is my fascination with computer security and technology in general, although I've never really been an outstanding individual in these areas, looking back I have progressed a lot. I'm not incredibly close friends with anyone in this community nowadays except maybe one or two people, however people in this community and especially Krysk have been incredibly helpful on the off chance I have reached out for help or advice. Since I have no formal education in programming I have a lot of holes in my knowledge so it can be difficult but nowadays I can achieve most things I want to do in programming if I put my mind to it. As of late I've been taking interest and learning about CPU Architecture, Assembly and generally the lower levels where software and hardware meet. I think it's cool how some simple concepts can get infinitely abstracted to make them more and more powerful. Damn, that was a lot of writing. Felt good to do though. TL;DR - I was dumb but now I'm a little less dumb I guess.
  4. If you're having troubles taking the big problem and solving it you're probably not thinking about it in the right mind set. It might be worth literally taking a piece of paper and breaking the major steps down into a list and then breaking each of those steps down further if you don't fully understand how to implement them yet. Watch this video, I added a timestamp. It explains the process better than I could here.
  5. I saw this the other day and thought people might get a kick out of it. https://oneupsecurity.com/research/remote-code-execution-in-source-games Obviously, you'd need to own the server or I guess be able to get the modified ragdoll files out onto other servers but I think the idea of having to kill a player to execute an exploit is hilarous. Imagining a game where if you wreck someone 1v1 you get control of their box. A nerdy version of racing for pink slips
  6. Anything where gamer is singing, or minecraftHG because narcissism
  7. I would probably post if I felt my input was worthwhile for the topic
  8. xTeraa

    Tribes 2

    I really enjoyed Tribes: Ascend when it came out. Really loved the fast paced flowing gameplay. Too bad it kinda died in popularity
  9. xTeraa

    One Final Grief

    If you had a good concept or idea that was worth everyone's time then it has a chance of happening. Bring something to the table. That's what I did.
  10. I remember back in the day using a dazzle and AMCap you had to change the Video Capture Filter from NTSC to Secam-B
  11. xTeraa

    How to not shitpost on Team Avoltion forums

    My trick is to almost never post!
  12. xTeraa

    Minecraft Protection Plugins Loopholes?...

    I wouldn't say impossible but if someone did know good luck getting them to just tell you on a open forum where no one knows you or what you're like.
  13. xTeraa

    The Sens/DPI Thread

    800 DPI and around 1.2 sens depending on the game. I believe 800DPI is the native for the G400 and I don't want any upscaling BS. If anyone wants to convert others DPI/Sens to understand how high or low it is in your DPI. http://www.users.on.net/~frankros/DPI-calc.php