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  1. TheVeteranNoob

    You Laugh, You Lose. Round V

    Spoilering because big picture.
  2. TheVeteranNoob

    You Laugh, You Lose. Round V

    Yes, this is from reddit. It's still hilarious, though. http://imgur.com/a/vchC7
  3. TheVeteranNoob

    Where can I buy Reliant?

    I recommend waiting for CARBERKraft, it's a much superior client.
  4. TheVeteranNoob

    Fallout 4

    I never got far in 3, dunno why. Currently playing as a sort of gambler type guy in NV, quite a lot of fun. Except when you forget to switch between armor and suits.
  5. TheVeteranNoob

    Fallout 4

    Is anyone else really excited for this? I'm still a massive noob at New Vegas, and I've barely scratched the surface, but I love it. Anyone else a Fallout fan?
  6. Holy shitballs. That sounds way, way, worse. Was the girl who snapped her neck okay?
  7. TheVeteranNoob

    ...In My Ass

    Adventure Time - in my ass.
  8. Warning: Extremely Gruesome Probably the worst thing that injury that I've ever seen, and tied for first with scariest things I've seen.
  9. TheVeteranNoob

    So the new pope...

    Easter 2007 vs Easter 2013 This basically sums up my feelings on the issue. Francis seems slightly less bigoted and definitely more humble.
  10. TheVeteranNoob

    You Laugh, You Lose. Round V

    Happy Easter, everybody!
  11. TheVeteranNoob

    You Laugh, You Lose. Round V

  12. TheVeteranNoob

    Excitement for Battlefield 4?

    You seem to be forgetting the "Bad Luck" bullshit that kills you randomly.
  13. TheVeteranNoob

    CTRL+V! [Possible NSFW]

    http://www.ee.bgu.ac.il/~microlab/MicroLab/Labs/ScanCodes.htm) Ooh, I sure am exciting.