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  1. Original

    Hello World

    I check in occasionally. Very occasionally. It's a weird feeling to see the same names from when I joined, but never having talked to any of you fucks outside the forum. Hope life is treating you all well.
  2. In regards to life, that is. Example, when I joined I was an edgy 13 year old, now I'm a slightly less edgy 18 year old with a car and motorbike who works 9 to 5 at an accounting firm. It's kinda weird when you think about it, how you never really end up where you think you'll end up. I'm impressed that this site is still running and you guys are still around - by the far the longest time I've stuck around on a particular website / community. It's like everyone has transitioned into being old grungy fucks, but you're my old grungy fucks <3 (Does anyone else remember when people said 'whalecum'?) Anyway, post what your life was like when ya first joined and what your life is like now. Is it where you thought you'd be? Are you better / worse?
  3. Original

    Server compromised and forum update

    Ya'll mother fuckers are still alive?
  4. Original

    Hey there

    RIP storm-surge :/ wait, shit, sorry, wrong thread
  5. I'll echo what noodles said. SQL and C#
  6. Original

    Regarding the recent drama

    fuck accidently downvoted you
  7. Original

    Bone Stock Mk4 Golf

    Just learn to DIY a lot of the shit. Unless you're fucking around with the engine or airbags, in which case professional is the way to go. But you can DIY a loooooooot of shit and save yourself a metric fuck tonne of money. It's not hard, just persistence.
  8. Original

    Forum Population Timeline

    Bong before beer, you're in the clear, beer before bong and you're in the wrong
  9. Original

    Is this it?

    everyone who hates us secretly loves us <3
  10. Original

    Is this it?

    I've been a couple years now, like many of you faggots, but recently I've noticed that the forums are ... dead? I mean, they were pretty dead before, I know that, but now it seems like everyone important has abandoned it. I haven't seen carver in a while, or dejord, or anyone ... is this it? Is this the end? I check this forum everyday ... what do I do now? also rip fattymchotstack and whatscs edit: just saw dejord. awks.
  11. Original

    Considering attending university abroad, thoughts / advice?

    Come to Australia! It's pretty well in terms on uni.
  12. Original

    Badass Animated Music Videos

    what the fuck
  13. Original

    Scary Crimes and Mysteries thread! Get spooked!

    They're not really spooky, tbh. It's like reading a wikipedia article actually. That skeleton, on the other hand, is hilarious!
  14. Original

    The All Things Doom Thread(TATDT)

    I play doom 2 all the time! I use zDoom and have it on my hard drive for inbetween classes at TAFE. Love it.
  15. Original

    ESL One Cologne (RIP Skins General)

    I know the final has already happened, but it was pretty unsurprising as to who was going to win. If fnatic won against VP they will win the final easy. Stayed up late on a Sunday night to watch the semi-final, but deep down I didn't need to as I knew fnatic were going to win. They're just too good ;P