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  1. Syphist


    I still play it on occasion. It's a fun game that has withstood the test of time for over a decade now. It just doesn't feel as temporary as other games. I quit both PUBG and OW within a year, yet I still come back to this game.
  2. Syphist

    Everyone post your github

    As you can see I don't use it very much, and I don't really have a serious project on there, but it is a fun experience to work with. https://github.com/Syphist
  3. I know quite a few of you use Linux here, so I thought I'd ask. Recently whenever Steam is open Xorg seems to be having a memory leak. I've seen it reach over 1 GiB of RAM used if left for long enough. Closing Steam drops the memory usage of Xorg back to normal levels; however doing so causes a massive spike in CPU usage for some time, and at 1 point I had to go to a virtual terminal and manually kill my Xorg session. Upon googling the issue I have noticed this reddit thread where I am certainly not the only person with this issue. I am curious though, how many of you are affected by this?
  4. Syphist

    Installation01 *A fan-made halo game*

    I heard about it a while ago but kinda forgot about it. I can't wait until it is released.
  5. Syphist

    how 2 drive

    This differs from car to car, but learn how to line up the car with some visual marker like the side mirrors. If I can see the curb right underneath my side mirrors, I know my front bumper is actually quite close to it. Eventually you will just develop an intuition for it though. A lot of it takes time and practice.
  6. Syphist


    I use Cherry browns because the slight feedback feels more comfortable compared to reds. As far as O-Rings I have 1 keyboard without and 1 with. The keyboard I have with them uses red O-Rings and I mainly use that keyboard for rhythm games due to reduced sound output and for a slightly lower travel distance because I bottom my keys out. For regular typing though I still prefer to not have the O-Rings. I also may end up buying a keyboard with clears to try them out to replace my Dell rubber dome keyboard I still use on my Linux rig.
  7. I was 16 at the time. I pretty much spent most of my time lurking and posting on forums. I don't remember how I found Team Avolition's videos, but when I did I was hooked. I watched every single video I could and eventually found out about the forums in 1 of the videos and joined. I did a lot of lurking and easily caught on what was acceptable here (or at least I thought I caught on easily) and started shitposting like the rest of us. I pretty much went through early high school with these forums. It was honestly fun hanging out with a lot of you guys for so long. Now I am just an idiot working at a call center that spends most of his time on twitch. I'm hoping to get into some kind of IT job eventually but I'm not in too much of a rush. All in all, despite some of the drama I may have ended up causing a lot of people here had a positive impact on my life.
  8. Syphist

    The Post Your Desktop Thread

    >XFCE When you're done please hit me up with the theme I'd love to test it out.
  9. Syphist

    Hey, /newfag/ here

    Hi, welcome to the club.
  10. Syphist

    what was your first experience with alcohol?

    Great, now everyone knows my secret.
  11. Syphist

    what was your first experience with alcohol?

    I forget the age I was (my best guess is 17) but I got intoxicated in a closet at a new years party with my friends.
  12. Syphist

    The Post Your Desktop Thread

    This is from my Linux machine.