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  1. neur0net

    spacing, which do you prefer of these two?

    Definitely the 2nd one. Can't think of any programmer I know who puts spaces between parentheses and interior variables, but I have seen it in source files from time to time. Just looks awkward to me.
  2. neur0net


    Krysk has mentioned in various places that he uses IntelliJ IDEA for Java (and therefore all Minecraft-related) coding, though most people (myself included) use Eclipse (which is free+open source, IntelliJ is neither). As others have mentioned, the programming section and subforums are a great place to start. I'd been doing Java programming for several years before I attempted to write a client, and (for the most part) it wasn't too hard to figure out. If you're completely new to programming I'd suggest learning the basics before trying to mess with Minecraft though.
  3. I'm Kevin, age 22, 5'11", ~125lbs (skinny motherfucker, can't keep weight on). As for intelligence, most people who know me say I'm fairly smart although that's still subjective. I am a bit of information sponge who can pick up on new concepts pretty quickly, meaning my interests (and projects) tend to be all over the place. My grades don't reflect it though...I'm kind of a shitty student with poor study habits (ADD), though I'm trying to work on that.
  4. neur0net

    Anyone here ever heard of ____? Childhood edition.

    I played the shit out of the Avernum series by Spiderweb Software from 2004 through my high school years...still play through the first three from time to time (never much cared for Avernum 4 and on when they really changed the game engine and interface).
  5. neur0net

    Hello I am neur0net and this is a post

    yes, I do have a beta-key for Dota 2, but I ran into some graphics-related problems when trying to get it to run on my machine, and I didn't feel like troubleshooting it at the time. I do want to get into it though...both of my roommates have been playing a lot lately and are constantly bugging me to start. League has been driving me crazy lately since I can't seem to get myself past Bronze III :/
  6. neur0net


    it's quite a bit more involved than that. http://www.grymoire.com/Unix/Sed.html
  7. neur0net


    ah...that makes more sense. implementing the entire sed language is indeed a big project, though you could just settle for implementing the simpler features like find and replace by regex, etc. I poked around a bit and wasn't able to find many independent libraries for parsing sed strings...everyone just uses sed itself. (on that note, if your IRC client is running on a *NIX OS, you could just pass the string directly to sed, but that won't work under Windows)
  8. Hey everyone...AVO fan since late 2011, been lurking the forums, streams, youtube channel etc ever since, and figured it was about time I crawled out from under my rock and started contributing. I'm an undergrad in Computer Science (graduating sometime in the next year or two, keeps getting pushed back)...major interests include programming, gaming, hacking/computer security, bioinformatics (hoping to turn this into a career), pharmacology, and whatever else my ADD-afflicted brain decides to pursue. Lately, my multiplayer gaming has mostly been limited to Minecraft and League of Legends, but I'm always interested in suggestions for new games to check out. Peace, neur0net
  9. neur0net


    If your only issue is parsing the regex, I'd say don't bother reinventing the wheel...it's very likely that whatever language has that as a built-in feature. If you simply *must* write your own regex parser (which I did once as an exercise--was a right pain in the ass), I'd recommend this tutorial (warning: theory heavy).