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    I was o-line left tackle for my 4 years of highschool, played soccer, baseball, and flag football until I was like 12, and tennis usually for entire summers. As for the first question, I don't play any sports currently, but I go to the gym 3-4 times a week.
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    Someone cure my boredness

    I don't know if you're more retarded for suggesting the things you did, or for writing what you did inside the parentheses next to each one.
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    hi haha its 6 am and i cant fall asleep idk why

    Drink some water, degenerates.
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    What scam have you fallen for?

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    Ask me anything about my service

    My mom's Uncle has been an Israeli Ambassador for years, and I have 3 cousins in the IDF, 2 are special forces. While I want to hop on the bandwagon, I genuinely respect you.
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    Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn - Balmung

    She still plays, dw
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    The Names Xbox.

    nigga i will kill you. OT: yeah, sorry about that bud, idk who those avo people are.
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    can someone delete this account please

    You're better off just changing your entire internet identity, jmlport98 will forever be the edgy 13y.o. edgy ranter from the Avolition forums. :^)
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    [Mod] Diablo II Color Mod (v1.13)

    You just necro'd a 6 year old thread. The download is no longer available.
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    The Names Xbox.

    Welcome and all that, but I got a question. How is 'CrazyXboxGamer' close to 'Team AVO', because i'm just not seeing it.
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    avolition comeback 3rd sept 2017

    Fuck you.
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    Where are you now in relation to when you joined the forum

    I'm not going to post anything sappy because i'm clearly a macho-man, but i'd like to thank everyone, good or bad, for making my experiences in the past 4+ years what they were. I've had a lot of fun and made a few friends, some of whom are integral to my life at this point. I met a lot of people from all different fields of interests, which was really awesome. I got to talk to people about actual rocket science, and then 10 seconds later be talking to someone else about cooking some fucking duck confit. I can't imagine how different my life would be if I hadn't joined these forums and met the people I have. So again, thank you all.
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    Help I fell for the c++ meme

    Finish the damn game.
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    Hello, all.

    I'm sure there is a whole lot of money in MLP porn art.
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    Help me name my hamster

    Mister Mushishi (Moo-Shee-Shee), he looks like a wizened asian martial arts master.
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    Gorillaz Tour

    Do you like Gorillaz? Do you have enough money? Are you near there, or capable of going there? Do you care that you'd be alone? Can you defend yourself if something happens? Do you have a place to stay near there after the concert? Have you considered any of these questions, and if so, why would you leave the decision up to some random people on the internet?
  17. Not sure if i'm included in that group, as I don't post all that often anymore. But I check back in 1-3 times a day while i'm around on my computer or phone just to see if any interesting topics or something show up that i'd like to contribute to. Most of the time it's shoutbox stuff, which means either LoL, memes, or cancer, and i'm not interested in 2/3 of those.
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  19. So, i'll answer the questions you asked in the post and then if you have any more let me know. To start, workers. There is an optimal amount you want to have to fully saturate a base. Generally speaking, 3 per vespene geyser, and 2 or 3 per mineral. any more than that and there will always be 1-2 workers stalling not doing anything per resource, which is terrible obviously. However, the speed at which you should fully saturate a base is dependent upon the play-style you're going for. If you're going early game rushing and overall being really aggro, you obviously don't want to dump a ton of minerals into workers when you could be using those for units instead; but if you're going to be playing the long game and plan to wipe your opponent out with a max supply army, you want to have resource production up sooner to afford the massive amount of infrastructure and unit costs you'll be facing. Secondly, Warp gates. They are better. They cut off a huge chunk of time to produce the units and the cooldowns are lower as well. There is no situation that I can think of where I would want gateways over warpgates. The only possible thing I could think of would be for newer players who have shit micro/macro, and can't pay attention to the cooldown timers for the warpgates and make them less efficient, since you can't queue up units for warpgates like you can gateways. That means that there is downtime where you could already be warping in more units. On top of that, you can warp them to any area you have powered, like building a forward pylon before a battle and having an entire wave of reinforcements for you army within seconds. Not to mention more specific smaller-scale things you can do with them, like build a pylon on the low ground, get an observer or something to grant you vision of highground in their base, and warp in some units like zealots or DTs to fuck up their worker lines. What should take a couple seconds for you to warp the units in and A-move them, will take your opponent even longer to think about how to deal with it. During that time you could have already sent more units to his expo or something and already have an advantage because his attention is divided. tl;dr If you suck at macro/micro, and you need to queue up units, get fucking good and still get warpgates. Also, what I said in the worker paragraph, applies to warpgates too. You need to figure out what type of playstyle you're going for. You can't be both super-aggro and also want to go for the longer macro game. You'll be dividing your resources up too much to do anything worthwhile. You can definitely apply some early game pressure(that's actually encouraged, if you're going to go macro, that way you can damage their economy and give yourself a better advantage, since you'll not be focusing on army units until your infrastructure is up), but if you devote too much, it's going to hurt you in the long run. Wasting resources early is really detrimental in the later game.
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    Movies you thought were really cool

    Your movie got me thinking of one of my favorites, "In time".
  21. They detect public hack clients because of the methods they use for their hacks. Any tutorial out there is going to be using things that are public, so the Anti-Cheat authors can prevent/detect it.
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    Why, hello there.

    >I might even make some new friends hahahahahahahahhahahahahahhahhahaha Welcome to the forums, bud.
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    Obligatory Show us your Ride(s) thread

    currently have a dodge charger 2013, white. Thinking of upgrading to the hellcat soon, not sure. Too late for me to go outside and take photo though. I'll edit the post at some point with a photo if someone wants it, I guess.
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    not sure how they ended up fucking themselves that hard tbh. 25 pt lead, and then somehow let the pats bring it to 28/28 into OT. They fucking blew it harder than Krysk blows cocks.