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    I was o-line left tackle for my 4 years of highschool, played soccer, baseball, and flag football until I was like 12, and tennis usually for entire summers. As for the first question, I don't play any sports currently, but I go to the gym 3-4 times a week.
  2. iPickedScout

    Someone cure my boredness

    I don't know if you're more retarded for suggesting the things you did, or for writing what you did inside the parentheses next to each one.
  3. iPickedScout

    hi haha its 6 am and i cant fall asleep idk why

    Drink some water, degenerates.
  4. iPickedScout

    What scam have you fallen for?

  5. iPickedScout

    Ask me anything about my service

    My mom's Uncle has been an Israeli Ambassador for years, and I have 3 cousins in the IDF, 2 are special forces. While I want to hop on the bandwagon, I genuinely respect you.
  6. iPickedScout

    Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn - Balmung

    She still plays, dw
  7. iPickedScout

    The Names Xbox.

    nigga i will kill you. OT: yeah, sorry about that bud, idk who those avo people are.
  8. iPickedScout

    can someone delete this account please

    You're better off just changing your entire internet identity, jmlport98 will forever be the edgy 13y.o. edgy ranter from the Avolition forums. :^)
  9. iPickedScout

    [Mod] Diablo II Color Mod (v1.13)

    You just necro'd a 6 year old thread. The download is no longer available.
  10. iPickedScout

    The Names Xbox.

    Welcome and all that, but I got a question. How is 'CrazyXboxGamer' close to 'Team AVO', because i'm just not seeing it.
  11. iPickedScout

    avolition comeback 3rd sept 2017

    Fuck you.
  12. iPickedScout

    Where are you now in relation to when you joined the forum

    I'm not going to post anything sappy because i'm clearly a macho-man, but i'd like to thank everyone, good or bad, for making my experiences in the past 4+ years what they were. I've had a lot of fun and made a few friends, some of whom are integral to my life at this point. I met a lot of people from all different fields of interests, which was really awesome. I got to talk to people about actual rocket science, and then 10 seconds later be talking to someone else about cooking some fucking duck confit. I can't imagine how different my life would be if I hadn't joined these forums and met the people I have. So again, thank you all.
  13. iPickedScout

    Help I fell for the c++ meme

    Finish the damn game.
  14. iPickedScout

    Hello, all.

    I'm sure there is a whole lot of money in MLP porn art.