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  1. Trotterly

    Help me name my hamster

    Glad we got some serious responses. Anyways, I'd be calling that fluffball Churro. If you don't like it, I'd settle with Arthur c:
  2. Trotterly

    what was your first experience with alcohol?

    First time I ever touched alcohol was by accident. Needed something to drink to take my meds when I was 14, I saw a large white water bottle, and I drank out of it. I would later find out that it was my mom's and that it was a mix of iced tea and vodka. It wasn't much, but it was my first experience with it. As for actively drinking it, I tried drinking a can of Mike's Hard Lemonade with an orange cream flavor. I drank about half the can before getting an absolutely awful stomachache and stopped drinking. I'm just under the assumption that my body really does not like alcohol, so I pretty much completely avoid it. It might be for the best anyways, since my dad's side of the family is filled with alcoholics and smokers.
  3. oh im fancy pants now ok hi

  4. Trotterly

    Bill Nye the Science (((GOY)))

    Bill Nye is awesome and always will be awesome, and while this show seems to be a step-down for him, I'm hoping that this show gets better. That being said, I watched all of the clips and wanna comment on why they are kinda good or kinda bad. I've got no idea of the context behind this, but this strikes me as fun and jokes. If they are 100% serious, that's really odd. The ice cream thing actually is a good analogy, and is pretty much there to say conversion therapy is a bunch of bullshit and doesn't do a damn thing. As a parent, the father's in a way actually being smart and planning out the unlikely so that he can be as supportive as possible if the unlikely is to happen. I'd say that's just a nice story to share for those who don't have a clue how to tackle if they have a child who turns out to be transgender. I'd argue that's some decent parenting there. Yeah, Bill kind of expressed his point poorly. I get what he was trying saying though. If a child is not taught that "you are a boy/girl and can only ever be a boy/girl", there's the rare chance that they'll say that they're a girl/boy. Once again, that is super rare and unlikely for a toddler, but still possible nonetheless. If that male-born kid is insisting over months that they are a girl, then you see a child therapist and figure it out from there. Either way, that child still has a lot of development to go through so the chances that they stick with their identity is likely lower than that. That song....like, I support Bill Nye and he's an awesome person and I agree with damn near everything he says, but holy fucking shit this is possibly the worst video I've seen all month. Fucking horrible. I actually laughed at the "robot penis" joke. Past that, there's some actual interesting discussion there regarding the switch and making sperm infertile. Like I said, Bill Nye is a great person and I agree with most of his points. I do think he's staying with the science part of stuff and not the politics (if not, he's combining both), but this show is admittedly awkward like all fucking shit. I'm just hoping that they figure out this before the show shuts down.
  5. Trotterly

    I am in School...

    holy shit you're such a goddamn badass please come to my party i stole beer from my dad's fridge!!
  6. Trotterly

    Net Speeds?

    At my home, my family gets about 25mb/s to 50mb/s up and down and we pay for 50mb/s with the provider being Optimum. Right now I'm living in a college dorm, and I just did a speed test where my download speed is 460mb/s and my upload is fucking 835mb/s (the college did a massive upgrade to their internet as they had multiple complaints the previous semester of the connection being slow and dropping frequently).
  7. Trotterly


    Someone's ignoring the point of my post.
  8. Trotterly


    Hard to understand why you disagree with that. I brought up the point that he's a terrible person in almost every situation, and used evidence of shit that's he's done to prove that.
  9. Trotterly


    Probably going to get a lot of shit for posting this, but I need to vent on this. First off, fuck Milo. Second, fuck the rioters. Third, fuck the fact that every goddamn thing a rioter does is instantly applied to every goddamn person who thinks Trump is a terrible president. That feels like what this thread is. I'm liberal on most issues, if not moderate. I believe that religious freedom should not get in the way when it comes to human rights, specifically towards allowing discrimination towards the LGBTQ community. I believe that abortion is a choice, but is not something that people look forward to getting. I support movements such as Black Lives Matter and believe that when a police officer commits a crime, he should not be above the law and tried fairly. I believe that the vetting process for refugees is already so strict, and making it even stricter is absurd when the chance of dying or being injured by a refugee is stupid low. I'm not a violent rioter, a libtard, a crying bitch, a terrorist sympathizer, a snowflake, a part of the liberal agenda (the fuck does that mean anyways?), or any other bullshit insult you try to think of when you can't think of a goddamn counter-argument. The rioters should be condemned, duh. But don't apply that and tell everyone that we're doing the same shit. Democrats have some insanely-radical feminists (like the "all white men are all racists and pigs" people. Not just people who simply believe in gender equality) and rioters like these. Republicans have some racists and the KKK. We've all got our shitty groups that we denounce all the time, but they are always going to be the tiniest groups of people that cannot compare to the others that actually have good reason in believing what they do. As for Milo, once again, fuck him. As far as I know, the events that he has when he goes to college campuses involve bashing students who are trans (remember when he went on a rant about a transgender student who was in the goddamn room? http://www.jsonline.com/story/news/education/2016/12/14/breitbart-writer-targets-transgender-uwm-student/95420206/) or hate speech on many ethnic groups (he's on-record to say, pretty much, that BLM people are fat and lazy http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/02/03/milo-yiannopoulos-ultra-conservative-provocateur-breitbart-news/). This word is thrown at Trump supporters a lot, and I don't want to use it when someone simply has a common political belief about a certain situation, but this asshole is the reason the left-wing uses the term "racist" and "bigot" a lot. I'll end it with also saying that I don't believe canceling Milo's event was a violation of freedom of speech. The key thing about this is that Berkeley had INVITED Milo to give his stuff, and could easily rescind that at any time. Plus, the event was likely canceled as a safety precaution due to the, you know, rioters. k byee
  10. what the fuck they got lives and decided griefing minecraft servers was not really in their interest if you need to know
  11. I hope not, because then we're stuck with Mike Pence which (in my opinion) would be infinitely worse than the orange skunk. Anyways, fuck 2016. Here's a list of everyone that's died if you want to grab a gallon of ice cream and tissues and bawl 2016 away and hope that 2017 won't be severely worse even though it probably will be. http://www.nbcnews.com/storyline/2016-year-in-review/look-back-all-famous-figures-who-died-2016-n698791
  12. Trotterly

    Need help Griefing!

    I really can't tell if this is serious after seeing what I just read below, but if you are, I'll be as kind as I'm able to be in this situation when I say "take a hint". I'll just assume you're joking, though.
  13. Trotterly

    American Things (Happy Thanksgiving or Whatever) 2016

    Update with my Thanksgiving. Every year during the morning of Thanksgiving, my friends and some of their family go to my high school's football field and do a small game of touch football. I'm gonna be doing that first, then what I assume will be an insanely casual dinner. I might even be seeing Moana later at night (or the day after), so that will be nice as well to finish the day off. Think that Thanksgiving is strictly in the US (and Canada, for a different event) because the reason it's celebrated dates back to a 1621 feast between the pilgrims and the natives and then we took all their land and created chinese food or whatever happened after that Besides that, the idea sounds like that seriously should be a thing. This could be a day where everyone universally celebrates what we have in life, whether the person in question has a little or a lot. Whether it be person in Africa being thankful for a clean source of water or a person in Australia being thankful for their new job, the idea sounds great and could be a day of worldwide peace.
  14. Trotterly

    American Things (Happy Thanksgiving or Whatever) 2016

    Seems like my Thanksgiving will be insanely casual. Going to a friend's house for a laid-back dinner instead of being with family for half the day. Honestly, I'm glad to be doing that as opposed to family. With all this political turmoil going on, I'd rather watch football than be the victim of a 9-on-1 politics conversation with the subject being why I voted for Clinton. Past that, I'm coming home from college for the first time as a freshman so I'm curious how my dogs will react. They will either be so happy that they'll be all over me for a few hours or they will tear me to shreds because I've been gone for three months.
  15. Trotterly

    political compass

    Economic Left/Right: -3.38 Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -4.15 Me being on the left makes sense as me being a Democrat and all. I really do need to understand the difference between libertarianism and authoritarianism though :c