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  1. Twich

    Hey all

    Like a Phoenix rising from the ashes this forum will be given new life--eventually.
  2. Twich


    A lot of interesting viewpoints, and it's actually made me consider how diverse this issue is. Especially in terms of assisted suicide by a doctor, if you think suicide is cowardly then do you still apply that to when the issue is something that cannot be escaped such as terminal illness or even paralysis? On the other side if we were to say something like assisted suicide is okay, then why not say other forms are? Personally I'm totally in favor of doctoral suicide for the terminally ill because as stated before in this thread, there is a difference between wanting to end it all because you can't stand the pain of something that isn't going away and just wanting to not have to deal with your stress. In the former the pain is probably coming from something that is going to kill you anyways--like terminal cancer--and in that case why not allow the person the dignity of dying how they want before the disease really takes its toll?
  3. Twich

    Spring Break

    Took a road trip to San Francisco which is easily my favorite city in California, got to go on a boat tour of Alcatraz Island since the last time I was there the Guv'ment was shutdown. My car ended up getting a flat as I was heading back through Nevada and it was about 90 degrees out so that kind of blew.
  4. Twich

    Ban the User Above You

    Banned because I'm on a bit of a power trip at the moment.
  5. Twich


    So I know this is a really personal topic, and one that's pretty taboo in Western culture but I've recently gone through some of this stuff and I wanted to get other people's perspectives/experiences about suicide. Basically, have you ever been suicidal and what did you do to overcome it? Did you get treatment or did you just kind of snap out of it? I'm asking because recently I've kind of hit a rough patch in my life and as such I've ended up contemplating suicide a lot for the past four months, and I actually came pretty close to going through with it. I had the gun in my hand and I was sitting in my room with the door locked, but instead of going through with it, I ended up deciding to try calling the hotline and since then I've started getting recommendations for therapists in my area. Now I realize this probably sounds like a give me sympathy thread, and I guess it's hard to not have it sound like that. But I honestly am asking because I want to know other people's take on suicide and how to deal with it. Whether it's from firsthand experiences or not. Again this is a pretty personal topic, but I feel like it's something that's worth discussing or at least trying to discuss. EDIT: Hell let's add another layer to this can of worms: How do you feel about suicide? Is the common cultural perception of it being selfish accurate or is there the case to be made for it being a legitimate way to die? Would something like assisted doctor suicide really count?
  6. Twich


    I've dealt with insomnia for a long time and it's a bitch. There are a few non-doctor methods for dealing with it like Melatonin, but at the end of the day you should always see a Doctor because there are myriad of other health issues that can arise and while it is very very very rare, there's a chance (very slim) you could have fatal familial insomnia which is exactly what it sounds like on the tin. Good luck! Don't get discouraged, there are ways to cope with it and all it takes is some work to find what works for you. For me it's a sleeping pill as well as keeping a very balanced diet.
  7. The best part about Google Fiber is that they installed it in Provo, UT which is exactly a ten minute drive for me. Thank god they already had a failed fiber optic network in place for Google to sort of just commandeer.
  8. Twich

    Outside update

    I'm still waiting on them to fix that damn insomnia glitch, or at the very least diminish the importance of sleep. +20% Bonus EXP is hardly worth having to go AFK for eight hours everyday.
  9. If it's not going to escalate to boots on the ground then I can kind of get behind this, America's air superiorty is hard to dispute/is really effective meaning there's less likely to be casualties for the Coalition soldiers. Of course with air-strikes comes the hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of damage to infastructure and potential for heavy background casualties. I'm a little conflicted on this to be honest.
  10. Twich

    How Did You Make Your Username?

    My username evolved from Twitch to Twich because I frequented a site that wouldn't let me have the t in my username as it would be too long, then I added 007 to the end when I was like fourteen. Later I realized that was kind of lame so I just went back to Twich. Oh I also had a brief stint in 2009 where I went by Mr.PlanetEater.
  11. Twich

    Your Funeral

    I want my body to be put into a coffin that is buried in the Grand Canyon; in this coffin I want a pile of money, an oil painting of myself in regal clothing, and a long book detailing my life as an important leader. I call it, "Operation Fuck With Future Archeologists." That, or I'll just get cremated.
  12. Ask him how serious the Kaiju threat is, and whether he is pro-Jager or not.
  13. Twich

    Sushi pls

    I never get to eat Sushi because of my state. Don't get me wrong, I love the stuff and there's a sushi place just a few minutes from my house but it feels weird eating a dish that's meant to be fresh raw seafood in a landlocked state. :I
  14. How does it feel to be one of the only people in Montana with an internet connection?