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  1. FuhrerFatPorn

    Hey there

    Don't think I haven't forgotten about those nudes of yourself you still owe me, faggot.
  2. FuhrerFatPorn

    Movidius and Google partner up

    Looks like somebody forgot to buy their ticket to the HYPETRAIN, CHOO CHOO NIGGA
  3. FuhrerFatPorn

    Sims 4

    EA games business model; Create a well executed game, acquire fan base. Turn game into franchise. Fund a sequel that requires 2-5 years to fully complete. Force the release 1-2 years early. Ensure maximum bugginess and minimum content. Extort money from dedicated fans for: Day one DLC DLC that should have been fucking release content Extra missions DLC that should have been in the game given it took half a decade to make and has <24 hours of play Bastardize the gameplay, mechanics, characters and storyline for maximum cookie-cutter potential Proceed to release the same game with new textures and a revamped interface 6 more times ???? Introduce the "One dollar per bullet" microtransaction model in Battlefield 7 Profit Edit: OH and then destroy good dev studios.
  4. FuhrerFatPorn

    opinions on this entire quinnspiracy ordeal?

    Eh. I don't really have much of an opinion on it. Over all, meh.
  5. FuhrerFatPorn

    I'm 12

    2/10 would not welcome.
  6. FuhrerFatPorn

    The beast is here!

    It's subjectively stupid, technically. The worth of the material has a varied and unquantifiable worth from individual to individual, and for some people an i7 is just better than the cheaper equivalent (Mostly because it's made outta better material and can be overclocked moar for the same cooling requirements, in general at the least, but I digress). Some people just feel better having a 3k beast. Why do you care? Now I submit that you fight me irl, cur.
  7. FuhrerFatPorn

    The beast is here!

    I mean. I guess. Aside from providing a light chuckle that wasn't the actual point of my post to begin with, but fine. I'll bite. Every time one of these threads pops up you get the inevitable superior nerd who achieved a comparable level of processing power with their immaculate marvel of modern science and industry for a fraction of the price. But do you ever silence the singular echo of your own mind burning prions to fuel it along it's inexorable path to brain death long enough to let this thought surface; Somewhere, out there, there is at the very least one nerd. Who is 100% totally okay with spending a fuck tonne of money, more than necessary even, to get a fuck-awesome computer with more CPU cores than sperm chortled down your mothers' gullet. Do you? But seriously, I don't see the conversational benefit of "ur dumb u spent 2 much lolgg".
  8. FuhrerFatPorn

    The beast is here!

    3 posts in and the poorfag buttfroth manifests full force. You pay money for quality and performance mentlegen. On topic, 11/10 would game
  9. FuhrerFatPorn

    birthday :)

    Not British, don't have boobs and not Queen of the Sloths 0/10 would not party
  10. FuhrerFatPorn

    Fuck Elliot Rodger

    If I may pontificate for your edification; Insanity, while of varying definition or requirements both by individuals and organizations versed in matters as such, is at it's base the malfunction and malformation of human thought process and the subsequent departure from reality into a world of fantasy and delusion. By this definition, most of the human race is classified as insane at one point or another in their life time. Logic generally precedes and is preceded by an emotional reaction and an attempt at logical rationalization. A well adjusted and capable person will proceed through this process in a natural manner, resolving these emotional states, good or bad through thought an action. However, it has been seen multiple times that people who often do not act on these compulsions resultant from natural human thought and emotion degrade mentally. For example; You're 11, you like a girl, you want to ask her out, but you're scared. You allow that fear to grip you, never resolving the emotion and as such it stagnates, and it festers, giving rise to others. Now you have fear, anger, loneliness, sadness, anxiety. You inevitably suppress as you are compelled to do by your nature. But each time in the future you see a pretty girl, a little spills over, and it grows a little more. Years later, you're so repressed and emotionally twisted inside from ignoring yourself you're no longer capable of sane thought. Your world is a mirror, a delusion created to protect your own ego from yourself and others. It mimics reality, but is an imperfect reflection. Your fear and anxiety holds you in the corner you've built for yourself so you can function in a manner that emulates normality. That is insanity. And that is the majority of youth today.
  11. FuhrerFatPorn

    It's my birthday

  12. FuhrerFatPorn


    I will surely purchase this game from a legitimate digital source as early as possible. Shiver me timbers.
  13. FuhrerFatPorn


    Your hairbrained machinations to steal back delicious cheese pizza winternet from the jews has finally worked. A+
  14. FuhrerFatPorn

    What is a 4chan raid?

    >Knowyourmeme >Not Encyclopedia Dramatica No wonder you don't know what's going on.
  15. FuhrerFatPorn

    Should I buy World of Warcraft?

    As an actual player of WoW heres a few things; WoW is a western made Pay to Play MMORPG. This in and of itself means it's not a grindfest. At the absolute fastest leveling experience, assuming you have Recruit a friend and a full set of hierlooms, it'll take you 3 days to hit 90. As it stands you can fully level your first character in a month, 2.5-3 weeks if you know what you're doing. Instead of dragging out the journey to level cap to syphon money out of your bank account, Blizzard instead focuses on having a metric fuck tonne of end game content to sift through to keep you playing. Getting geared from 460 item level the day you hit 90 to even 550 item level will take you 2-3 months your first time around, assuming all you do is end game raid progression. The problem with WoW is the user-base is full of insufferably incompetent fucking niggers who have no idea how to play the game and stall your progress considerably, as for raid progression there are 4 tiers of difficulty you must progress through as opposed to the two seen in WoTLK, and the first two tiers were designed for shitty, mouthbreathing, inbred, fucksacks of monumental proportions, yet are still mandatory to everyone to do to get the gear needed to raid normals and by indirect extension heroics. TL;DR It's awful don't do it. WoW is dead.