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  1. TheApexPredator

    Please help!

    Don't post to much personal info online. Like when signin up for things I personally don't use my real name unless its for banks and such. Don't associate with scetchy people, like the person you have on this vent. With your limited knowledge of computers, you trying to get revenge yourself would be futile. Remove his vent connection and just go on your way. As for how he figures out your ip, I have no clue on that.
  2. TheApexPredator

    NES Demo - Artists needed!

    Hey Wkter, i just got your message. Yeh im sorry iv been wicked busy, i should have the music by tommorw night for ya. Again sorry
  3. TheApexPredator

    Newtown, CT School Shooting

    Fuck off. Children died. i dont know if you are just a mentally unstable person or you are just trying to get attention, iether way you are a sick human being and you should stop breathing my air
  4. TheApexPredator

    Team Avolition raffle.

    Where do you get off saying that? Never have.....
  5. TheApexPredator

    Team Avolition raffle.

    Dont enter then, simple enough now isint it
  6. TheApexPredator

    Team Avolition raffle.

    Decided to host a Avolition raffle. How this works is that its 3 keys (on tf2) to enter the giveaway. You may enter as many times as you would like. Item breakdown. 3 ref=1 key bills=10 keys craft hat= 2 ref Obviously other prices can be discussed. Prize Any item you would like from the Avolition store, or 1 month of subscriber on the forums. Starts- Today Ends- December 31'st ad midnight. My steam ID is sectoriam All entries must be sent to that account. I take screen shots of every entry and when trading me on steam make sure you say your forum username. The more people that enter the more winners there can be. As of now there will be 2 winners and every lets say 3 people that enter i can give away another item. The winner will be picked using the random number generator. HOpe to see you guys online! If you dont like any of these rules, shut the fuck up and get the fuck out, simple enough
  7. TheApexPredator

    MAGFest Organization Thread

    put me down as a yes please, i will be flying out :D
  8. TheApexPredator

    Hello! I welcome myself here.

    +1 for dubstep
  9. TheApexPredator

    Obligatory Downvotes

    What you guys are using is an overall rep system, what about a more localized rep system. To expand on that i mean that instead of giving iether + or - rep you give rep based on sub catogories. I dont know if this is just going to far and overthinking the system but below i outline what i think would work. Agree/Disagree Grammer Relevance Ect. What this allows the community to do is instead of you just down repping somebody, it sort of gives them a look at WHY they are getting down repped. So that for future posts they can look back and say "Ok in my last post it had no relevance to the topic at hand so what can i do to better make a usefull post in the future". Just my 2 cents on the issue.
  10. TheApexPredator

    Regarding my recent actions.

    Chowder is a flaming retard, association with him is basically saying your a flaming retard witch I don't believe you are
  11. TheApexPredator

    The Mid-air Rapist

    what the fuck did i just read
  12. TheApexPredator


    I felt like i just gave birth
  13. TheApexPredator

    Who would be interested in Competitive TF2?

    Acatuly can you put me down as manager, I have a very hectic schedule for the next few months so my play time will be limited, also as I said before I would be more than happy to buy people items needed for better play
  14. TheApexPredator

    Who would be interested in Competitive TF2?

    If you keep your steam username private how will be be able to friend you....
  15. TheApexPredator

    Who would be interested in Competitive TF2?

    Put me down as scout. Oh and also, if we are going to do this, we should do it right. I have an orgasmic inv, so if there is a certain weapon you need or what ever, tell me and i can quickly trade for it. SteamID- Sectoriam