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  1. Alconchloe

    I am Faggot

    Well hello there! x3
  2. Alconchloe

    Who is the BEST server admin you have ever seen?

    I cant say the other one without siren killing me so ill just say Wulf
  3. Alconchloe

    Which Minecraft 1.0.0 mob isyour favorite?

    Wolfs cause you can tame them and give them a collar :3
  4. Alconchloe

    Standalone MCBans Checker [Just Because]

    Mcbams on the bottom?
  5. Alconchloe

    Do you like nomming?

    Nomming on some chips. Who doesn't like nomming :V?
  6. Alconchloe

    Your most anticipated game for 2011/12

    Skyrim and Diablo 3 .Took them to long to finally make sexy Diablo 3
  7. Alconchloe

    Possible Method of causing lag in 1.8

    A. Notch will fix it.(Unless he is lazy) B. A plugin or bukkit will fix it.
  8. Alconchloe

    [Project] McAnon Alpha

    Well you only "need" one minecraft account. Having many at your disposal(say about 40-100) is very useful. Also Cracking weak passwords gets accounts pretty fast.( I won't go into that)
  9. Alconchloe

    Best Hackforums definition ever!

    I thought it was obvious. Still lets try not to derail. You can pm me about it if you want.
  10. Alconchloe

    Best Hackforums definition ever!

    Oh Vosenbergen, The one who hates mostly everyone. The provider of wisdom. Anyways, Although I have rarely been on hack forums (Skiddie Central), I'd rather you take your posts somewhere else.
  11. Alconchloe

    Dumb-ass admin moments thread.

    MAKE THE TEXT GO AWAY NUUUUU Might be a massive wall of text, but I thought it was rather good. Just go easier on the pictures next time(put them in external links).
  12. Alconchloe

    Your worst pet peeve

    Harassment is the highest pet peeve on my list. People annoying me night and day.(Talking to me when I wanna be left alone, etc) Imagine you got back from some shitty job/school(bad day or something) Do you really want to be annoyed by someone screaming into their mic? Two words. FUCK NO
  13. Alconchloe


    You made me laugh after a bad day :L . A++++
  14. Alconchloe

    I'm bored.

    I would talk to you but I'm to busy getting ready for school :L . Damn it! They created school for people who can't type, read , or actually form one complete sentence without fucking up. :I