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  1. Classic_R3D

    A Formal Resignation.

    Well, as many of you can see, these forums have gone downhill. It was fun while it lasted, but now, I must return to my people. Good bye forever.
  2. Classic_R3D

    Weird quirks?

    I can't stand still for long, I get all jittery and start shaking my leg. I always have to be touching something, or else I start feeling really lonely. It's odd. I often run my hand through my hair, and then shake my head back and forth. I can't touch the top or bottom step. My food can't touch on my plate, or I can't eat it. If I don't speak for a while, I start muttering to myself. I can't wear hats unless they're symmetrical. Even the logos begin to piss me off if they're not.
  3. Classic_R3D


    Along with And my generic off-brand shoes and sweatshirt.
  4. Classic_R3D


    inb4 nope.avi
  5. Classic_R3D


    1. Your username. Classic_R3D 2. Position you are applying for. Powder Monkey 3. Why I should pick you over all of the other qualified applicants. Because I am a monkey and I know how to load cannons. K? K. EDIT 4. FUCKFUCKFUCKFUCK Jesus Christ I can not take photos of myself
  6. Classic_R3D

    Help Me Pcik Which Book To Read Next

    But how do I shot web?
  7. Classic_R3D

    Carver and Church...

    Your posts make me want to punch kittens. And infants. And infant kittens.
  8. Classic_R3D

    Carver and Church...

    Circle jerk all day. Church said that he was waiting for someone to post this. Well, wait no longer.
  9. Classic_R3D

    Who would you invite to a formal dinner party

    I don't know who I would invite, but I sure wouldn't invite myself. I'm a bit shy at first, but as soon as I get comfortable, I'm a rowdy, obnoxious bastard.
  10. Classic_R3D

    How tired am I?

    I woke up at midnight, thinking it was 6 AM, got ready for the day, ate breakfast, walked outside and to the bus stop, waited for a half an hour, realized what time it was, fell asleep at the bus stop, and got woken up by my friend when it was tike to go to school. Weirdest. Morning. Ever.
  11. Classic_R3D

    Help Me Pcik Which Book To Read Next

  12. Classic_R3D

    It's time for change, America

    No me gusta
  13. Classic_R3D

    Any likings?

    I like the way people look when they get really mad. I know it's odd, but it really intrigues me how much their complexion and expression change. /
  14. Classic_R3D

    Help Me Pcik Which Book To Read Next

    This thread was useless. I'm just gonna get rid of it. Kbye. Here's the list if you give a fuck Fahrenheit 451 A Clockwork Orange The road Stand Slaughterhouse 5 Brave New World Book of The New Sun Neuromancer Cryptonomicon Stranger In A Strange Land Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep The Dispossesed Nineteen Eighty-four The Handmaid's Tale Cat's Cradle
  15. Classic_R3D

    Anonymous Facebook November 5 attack

    You seem upset.