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  1. strum4h

    The current whereabouts of the team's members

    My video isn't unusual
  2. strum4h

    I be getting in shape yo.

    you're a fag you're welcome
  3. strum4h

    Hai thur, I'm Hannah.

    Welcome Here's some bears
  4. strum4h

    Force Op program

    does not exist
  5. strum4h

    server for team avolition to grief.

    No thanks
  6. strum4h

    Don't do this in Japan

    Ill just wear what I always wear. Gray T shirt and dark jeans
  7. strum4h

    snipars - Impossible Volume

    That would be bumping up the volume so it clips
  8. strum4h

    snipars - Impossible Volume

  9. strum4h

    Happy St Patricks Day

    What about Jameson and Harp
  10. strum4h

    I'm sorry, but I have to post about Bieber

    Being snarky isn't against the law. I agree he is a terrible person but just giving him more attention isn't going to help anyone. Plus if he keeps going down this self destructive path there is a serious chance he could end up hurting someone else.
  11. strum4h

    All taken down videos of avo request.

    We'll figure something out. Send me a PM.
  12. strum4h

    Been exploring the abandoned tunnels below CERN. AMA.

    That works but I was thinking more along the lines of this.