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  1. Iblist

    Ban the User Above You

    Banned for reminding me of the ludicrous amount of invader zim porn/faggotry I've seen.
  2. Iblist

    Greetings from Foxx

    Revan is always there, even when you don't think he is. Hai! I lurk a lot! :D
  3. Iblist

    The haiku game

    Nigger in a car. Police are shooting at him. Nigger does not know why. Next haiku will be about 4Chan.
  4. Iblist

    how to make xray

  5. Iblist

    Recommend me a horror game?

    Amnesia: The Dark Descent. Surprised nobody has mentioned it. Mind you, I don't know if you can still classify it as a horror game, more like psychological warfare. Everyone I've watched/talked to about the game says the same thing. "By the end you feel tired, sick, nauseous and uncomfortable." The Dark Descent isn't focused on jump scares as much as the horror of the environment you're inhabiting. As you delve deeper into the castle, you start finding more and more evidence of the fucked up shit that's been going on. The sound and visuals makes it all sink in, and it really does make you feel...Just bad.
  6. Iblist

    Team Fortress 2: Love and War

    Can't you just run there? OT: Anyone else think the recent changes to demoknight had anything to do with the new shield? It used to your turn rate while charging was actually based on your fps, and the higher your frame rate the sharper you could turn. Also, this about sums up my thoughts.
  7. Iblist

    Looking for political cartoonist

    Fan-faggoty Fabulous. Thank you sir, I have a new favourite catchphrase.
  8. Iblist

    What is a 4chan raid?

    An elaborate circle jerk.
  9. Iblist


    Granted, but because of poor optimization increasing the render distance to anything over default causes horrible frame rate drops making the game effectively unplayable. I wish I had my very own cat-girl slave. (For cleaning purposes >.>)
  10. Iblist

    Internet Hoaxes

    http://www.downloadmoreram.com/ This one gave me a giggle.
  11. Iblist


    Granted. Turns out your teacher is a raging homosexual and he now has an obsessive man crush on you. I wish I knew how to c++.
  12. Iblist

    how do you deal with laziness?

    Exercise tends to help. Sounds kind of weird, but if you go for a run or a bike ride or something like that, you'll come back feeling energized and ready to work. At least, that's been my experience.
  13. Touch Mah Butt.

  14. Iblist

    Just ordered my superclocked GTX 770

    It makes my games look pretty, is really quiet and doesn't kick out much heat. Considering how cheap it is, definitely a solid card.
  15. Iblist


    I have insomnia, not as severe as what you have described, but insomnia nonetheless. Some suggestions! 1. Exercise more! 2. Drink plenty of fluids! 3. Read before bed! That usually helps. If all else fails; sleeping pills. Probably not the best option, but sometimes you just need pharmaceutical remedies.