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  1. mostly because i missed the prime of avo, and was never truly a member of this community. i just return occasionally for the sake of nostalgia. alright nostalgia time over see you in a few months.
  2. god damnit im back here again

  3. FreeLancer

    Tips for aiming for the head?

    The first step is to be conscious of where you are aiming. Most beginners have a tendency to stare at the ground. keep your crosshair up and keep it at head level. Also, i advise to decrease/increase the sensitivity of your mouse so that you can smoothly keep your aim on someone's head while at the same time having no restraint to looking around. there are plenty of tutorials on youtube that go further in-depth into the subject. But most importantly, this:
  4. FreeLancer

    The Post Your Desktop Thread

    ahahaha look at this loser hes actually trying to rice his desktop what a nerd http://i.imgur.com/l...ObOWo5.jpg
  5. FreeLancer

    Oh shit, I'm a terrorist

    i think this is a scam, but its coming from the fbi, so what should i do?
  6. FreeLancer

    Welp, moot finally 'moved on'.

    he was a faggot, but he was our faggot rip
  7. FreeLancer

    The Sens/DPI Thread

    800dpi / 1.4 for csgo 2.4 1.95 @ 400dpi & 1000Hz
  8. I probably won't use this again.

  9. Just griefed rice-think.net they simply banned random people :P