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  1. I decided to make this thread after watching the film "About Time." I thought it was absolutely brilliant and a beautiful picture. I don't really want to give anything away but I will say that I strongly recommend it. This got me thinking; what kinds of movies do the Avolition forum members really enjoy watching? Apologies if there's already a thread for this, I searched but couldn't find any. What movies do the Avolition forum-goers like? What really activates your almonds?
  2. Premiere

    How is everyone doing today?

    Ayy people are actually answering the question. I'll chime in too. After my year off I transferred schools to a small private school in Pennsylvania (UW's 2large4me yo). I moved into my dorm yesterday to meet my new roommate. He likes sports/women. A lot. Like don't get me wrong, I played a couple sports in high school/dated but not to this dude's - and "dude" is pretty fucking applicable here - degree. We don't really have a ton in common and my room is perpetually filled with dudebros and random chicks talking about sports/women. I feel that I have angered the roommate gods and need to appease them with a sacrifice somehow... On the plus side he's a total bro and loads smarter than he acts while maintaining a steady supply of grills into my room, letting me forego having to go out and socialize. On a different note Pennsylvania is really hot and I don't know how people here don't have to shower twice a day every day. Dang that's a real answer if I ever heard one
  3. Premiere

    How to get a job?

    Look for jobs in places many people wouldn't think to check if you're still searching. I recommend your local school district. I took a year off college this year to travel/figure out what I wanted to major in. After I got back I went to my local school district office and asked for a job. It turned out there was a massive lack of people in this position called "paraprofessional" - a job that was just sitting at one of the local high schools tutoring kids who did poorly in school for over double minimum wage. I spent the rest of the school year working there in an air-conditioned school doing cushy stuff. You too can do this! I would also strongly recommend keeping your eyes open for scholarship opportunities at colleges (even if it's just a community one) while you work; the value of a good education cannot be snubbed! Edit: You don't actually seem to live in Washington despite your location thing, took out some stuff
  4. Premiere

    Hey I'm 24 today

    Do things you will regret in the morning but will look back on years from now with fondness. Protip: Massive amoutns of shots with friends will help achieve this
  5. Premiere

    Considering attending university abroad, thoughts / advice?

    I have never met anyone that studied abroad that regretted it but have met several who didn't study abroad and regretted it. The way I see it, you probably won't get a whole lot of opportunities to go to different countries for extended periods of time in your life so it's almost certainly a good idea to go for it when the opportunity arises.
  6. Premiere

    Hey, let us Lern 2 Math

    It sounds like a really cool idea but I can't help but think it's been done by Khan Academy or some other site/book already. If you really believe you can contribute something that others haven't though (there's probably something that hasn't been done yet), and you want to be entertaining during your videos, I think you could take a leaf out of Day9's way of explaining concepts; I always found him entertaining even when he explains something as basic as a intro calc concept like Graham's number.
  7. Premiere

    (Almost) Four Year Retrospective

    I'm finishing up my freshman year of college. Not sure what I'll major in but I've just been taking science classes and hoping I'll find something cool in there. Forum-wise I'll probably just continue what I've always done and just keep lurking. Don't forget to find motivation once you get to college. Once you're in and all that, it's really easy to not pick up any new clubs or many new activities when you're actually at college, or at least that's what I've found. I think this is how many people that still come here feel - myself definitely included.
  8. Premiere

    Where Do You Go/Where are You Going to College

    University of Washington - Seattle Campus Just took this today. It's one of the few nice days we get
  9. Pokemon Zeta/Omicron are both pretty good with a lot of original content/good storyline. Additionally, /vp/ has a great game in progress with completely original pokemon called Pokemon Sage.
  10. Premiere


    This is a (probably) cynical view, but it seems as though people go for the possibility of getting laid. The music is bad. The dancing is worse. The only ray of light at the end of the sweaty and strobe lit tunnel is the chance you might get sex at the end. I'm not complaining; it's just how things are. This is speaking from the standpoint of a high schooler though, so I'm not sure if it applies to college.
  11. Premiere


    At my school, you get nominations for homecoming royalty based on a mix of teacher's coming to an agreement on some students as well as student voting (this is high school). For the actual election for prince, queen, king etc, it's a pure vote by the student body. I got nominated three out of my four years but have never actually won. To ease the pain of not winning, I decided to keep the "homecoming royalty" sashes they give out to the nominees. One of my friends won king though. He was on the football team so he couldn't receive the award (my school does the award ceremony during halftime on the day of the homecoming game). Instead, his eight year old brother got to stand in for him and accept on his behalf. It was pretty funny to see the kid get to wear a crown far to large for his head and get pictured with the queen in a cape that nearly touched his toes.
  12. Premiere

    Worst song 2013

    I feel that I have a strong candidate:
  13. Are you still here lurking these forums? pls respond

  14. Premiere

    Cute stuff