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  1. Qwonny

    Where did team avocado guacamole?

    it's not worth jumping off bridge. they might come back with tortilla chips. it is worth the wait
  2. Qwonny

    Kittens or puppies?

    I'm being completely serious, people. If you pick one, you need to provide a reason why you think one is superior to the other. For example, 'Qwonny thinks cats and kittens are superior to dogs and puppies because she prefers their adorable little faces, cleanliness, smallness, and cuddlyness to dogs' drooliness, loudness, and largeness.' gogogo
  3. Qwonny


    So, just everywhere you go, your afraid to touch something? ... Quite literally. I will never in my life not wash my hands at least 25 times a day. FUCK GERMS
  4. Qwonny

    what do

  5. Qwonny

    Self-image Experiment/Fun

  6. you do realize that when you give someone your tumblr url, you type it like this 'myblogname.tumblr.com

    1. Qwonny


      and not 'tumblr.com/blog/myblogname'


      just a heads up, n00b

    2. froznsun937


      Well exuuuuseee me princess

    3. Qwonny
  7. Qwonny


    So you want your brother to stop getting bullied, then suggest WE bully Joey as punishment? You are no better than Joey. And another thing; if Joey really is mentally unstable (which you haven't really expanded on so I doubt he actually is) then you should consult with the principal the option of having someone monitor him around your brother. Seriously though, getting help for your brother on this forum is pretty much useless. Talk to the people that deal with him daily, the school authorities.
  8. Qwonny


    Also, if you're seeing that hipster shit with whiny girls, LEARN HOW TO TUMBLR AND FIND GOOD BLOGS TO FOLLOW. Honestly, it's not hard at all. Yeah, there are a lot of fucking annoying people on Tumblr, but there are a lot of awesome people too.
  9. Qwonny


    Stupid people, dirty floors, chairs, desks and surfaces, chewed pencils, dirty door knobs, lack of hand sanitizing stations in schools and or public places or no soap in the bathroom.
  10. Qwonny

    Laptop Battery Issues

    Every. Fucking. Day. Of. My. LIFE.
  11. Qwonny

    If you could be an animal, what would you be and why?

  12. Qwonny

    Post Your Setup

  13. Qwonny


    Click the link in my sig.
  14. Qwonny

    WTF Youtube.....

    Awkward cause I still have the old one and it hasn't been changed.
  15. Qwonny

    Most weird picture of you

    Ugh why did I even take this I look like such a faggot ugh those are pants on my head ugGHHh