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    Yeah, hurrdurr, pokémon fanboy. Deal with it.
  1. Smepic

    Asassins Creed 3

  2. Smepic

    Most Embarrasing Minecraft Moment

    When I downloaded Charlotte mod, and acted as if she was my girlfriend ;-;
  3. Smepic

    My computer build. (NEED SUGGESTIONS)

    I got an acer laptop from 2009 I bet you mine is better ;-;
  4. Smepic

    1978 Suzuki GS550 rebuild

    Pretty sweet ride, brah
  5. Smepic

    greatest pie

    Apple pie, def.
  6. Smepic

    What's the best racing game out there?

    Mario Kart on N64. I didn't play the one on Wii yet, I heard it's good.
  7. Smepic

    Hello I am a Comaster

    Can I have some of your milk?
  8. Smepic


    I love the colorful ones x;
  9. Do you want to be Indian instead? no, so stop complaining. kthx
  10. Smepic


    Pretty unique for being reggae and dubstep. I kind of like it ;o
  11. Smepic


    Well, I have a lot of animes that I have watched, but that are not ongoing, though I'll only list the ongoing ones I'm currently watching; - Naruto shippuuden - Pokémon (yeah, it's actually pretty entertaining) - Fairy Tail
  12. Smepic

    I can't believe I'm saying this but...

    Hehehhee, Pokémon. I haven't played Portal 1, but I almost started crying in the end of Portal 2. If Portal 3 doesn't come out... jfhgirehufjehsd
  13. Smepic


    YEAH, I GUESS SO. Rape dungeon cellar? Sounds... interesting. I'd love to go there.