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  1. HiTech


    I use a GoPro HD Hero 2 for surfing and it's incredibly reliable and has taken a real beating over the last year or so that I've had it. As you'd guess, it's stayed completely watertight and the fittings that are provided are extremely trustworthy, it's only slipped off it's fitting once and that was due to my stupidity. The quality on them is really good, and I don't find the lack of playback to be an issue as I tend to take my laptop with me when I go so I can transfer any video etc from that day onto the laptop and watch it then. I guess it depends what you're using it for, I wouldn't use one for any real reason other than sports. Mine gets around 2.5 hours battery life when recording, so that can be a slight issue depending on what you do with it. Check out the new Hero 3 if you're still interested - not sure if it's applicable wherever you are but they do a 30 day money back guarantee (http://gopro.com/cameras/hd-hero3-black-edition-surf#description). There are alternatives to it available, but I didn't find any as trustworthy as the GoPro so I'd say it's worth it, despite the price tag.
  2. HiTech

    Overrated games?

    Agree completely, I really enjoyed Carbon because of the customisation elements and the crazy police chases that appeared everywhere - plus the story wasn't too bad considering that it was a racing game which can tend to have a story thrown on just to tick a box. The worst bit about carbon was that after I beat each boss I didn't get one pink slip for their awesome cars. There were three or four bosses and I didn't get one fucking slip out of the random generator. Awesome game though.
  3. HiTech

    Overrated games?

    Skyrim. I found it really fun at first but couldn't get into the main storyline and didn't really get dragged into it in the way that I did with Morrowind and Oblivion. Not saying that it's a bad game, it just didn't live up to the hype for me.
  4. HiTech

    Far Cry 3

    Tempted to buy it for Christmas, has anyone got it and how do you like it if you do? Sorry if this is a duplicate - I looked through the first few pages of the games thread and couldn't see anything.
  5. Your profile picture is very aladeen.

  6. HiTech

    Chernobylz Presents: Top Ten Favorite Games

    Black Ops 2 over Red Dead? Not sure how you came to that conclusion.
  7. HiTech

    The next elder scrolls game

    They did this in Oblivion by leveling up your enemies as you levelled and it was terrible. You'd end up walking around in full Daedric armour being on a par with some random Khajiit in full Ebony armour trying to steal your horse, it just didn't seem 'realistic'. And yeah, play on hard difficulty and the games are a lot more challenging, even with brilliant weapons and armour.
  8. HiTech

    The awkward moment when...

    That awkward moment when you get given cocaine instead of sweets on halloween. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2226386/Primary-school-children-given-cocaine-instead-sweets-household-went-trick-treating.html
  9. HiTech

    VideoGame Nostalgia

    Need more posts, but - http://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/Lego_Racers_Cover_6096.jpg
  10. HiTech

    Prison Break (TV Show.)

    Seasons one and two were incredible, the story was well written and managed to keep the show exiting while keeping it (mostly) inside one area. After series two I think that the storyline dropped a bit, and by the end of season four I was really getting bored with the show and it's sub plots within sub plots. I'd still watch it again, if not just for the excitement of the first two seasons.
  11. I like the way you join the website and it takes you straight into doing stuff, not just watching a video and then rinsing and repeating. Also, signup took me literally ten seconds, incredibly fast.
  12. HiTech

    Rap Battles

    Starts at about 2:30, try to ignore the first guy and focus on the second (a teacher) who's stuff is actually quite clever.
  13. HiTech

    Disgusting battlestations

    r/shittybattlestations to the rescue. http://i.imgur.com/wEIzH.jpg
  14. HiTech

    My thoughts on the iPhone 5

    I don't get what all the apple haters were expecting the new iPhone to come out with - it's much faster, has a larger screen, has support for 4G internet and has a tonne of new features such as the panoramic camera and when my current contract ends towards the end of the month then I'll definately look at getting one, depending on the price/month. Also, this.
  15. HiTech

    Dumb Reviews

    Some of the reviews on this are amazing, particularly the negative ones. http://www.amazon.co..._pr_product_top