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  1. Phlyrox

    Hello World

    have you played slay the spire?
  2. Phlyrox

    Hello World

    This is a post to see if there's anyone still active on these forums. There hasn't been any post activity in the past couple of weeks. /s hello again it's been a long time since when I was active here. How are you all doing? any multiplayer games you guys usually play? I play overwatch the most (im a casual), but recently I've been playing single player games more. I know some of you still play league a bunch but I've pretty much stopped and don't have it installed anymore. I haven't tried fortnite, I don't think i would be good and seems like you need a group to have fun if not playing competitively.
  3. Phlyrox

    Corrupt A Wish

    Granted, but only you find the games entertaining, and they're multiplayer. I wish for myself to put in more efforts to achieve my goals.
  4. Phlyrox

    The make fun of rakiru game

    is skeet from jimmy neutron Jon Skeet?
  5. Phlyrox

    What if I am not real or none of you are real or

    I just checked, you're not real. turns out you already know what if
  6. Phlyrox

    Ask me anything about my service

    If they're dangerous wouldn't they always be on edge/ready and have security (something to let them know people are coming/close) for their meetings?
  7. Phlyrox

    Ask me anything about my service

    do you have a favorite ration pack or is it always the same? whats in it? do you trade it for stuff
  8. Phlyrox

    Are programming books actually useless?

    They're useless if you don't learn anything from them. In a way, they're about as useful as shitposts on the internet, except they're more likely to be worth paying money for. Unless you wanna go down the road of judging a book by its cover, you won't able to tell until you've gone through and understood it. If you mean how do you tell if what you're getting from the book is good or not, that will probably come after you make use of whatever is in the book. Easiest thing to do is just let other people tell you if it's good or not, and hope they're right. If JavaScript is garbage collected, why does it still exist?
  9. Phlyrox

    new job anxiety

    This might not apply to you for this job but it also helps if you like your work. I understand that everyone doesn't have the luxury of always putting all their efforts towards doing something they like, it's something to keep in mind when fulfilling other obligations. For me at least, it gives me the motivation to do the things that need to be done, regardless of whether i like them or not, because once it is done I have the freedom to do what I want without any pressure. It makes more sense in my head, not sure how to explain it but i hope you get the gist.
  10. Phlyrox

    Help I fell for the c++ meme

    speaking of greener languages, can you guys share your thoughts on kotlin?
  11. Phlyrox

    avolition comeback 3rd sept 2017

    Fuck me.
  12. Slightly off topic and it's 2017 now but still: https://hackernoon.com/how-it-feels-to-learn-javascript-in-2016-d3a717dd577f Also if you're still struggling with this, can you be more specific about what's the problem. Or give an example
  13. Phlyrox

    Brace Style

    that just means I shouldn't use spaces so I'm not suspected of being a liar. and follow up: http://evelinag.com/blog/2017/06-20-stackoverflow-tabs-spaces-and-salary/
  14. Phlyrox

    Brace Style

  15. For what it's worth, I'm sorry for saying all that and being a dick.