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  1. Legion

    The FCC officially votes to kill the internet

    Except it was long understood that their policy (the FCC's) was that you cannot engage in that behavior, then in 2015 after I think Verizon tried to throttle connection to Netflix, net nutrality rules were in place. You are correct in that it was not a written rule, but it was their policy for a long time. This is a complete upheval of their policy signaling to people that this is up for abuse.
  2. Legion


    They honestly are. It takes an immense amount of coordination, band camp is usually 12 hour days in 100+ degree weather, outside 90% of it. Then 3 hour practices every day. + football (hand egg) games. But being active != being fit. You can't outrun a bad diet like I tried to. Though my legs are fucking tree trunks thanks to the amount of marching we did.
  3. Legion


    Definitely words I live by. I love getting my ass kicked, or getting shown up. It makes me want to improve so much more than just sitting at the top. Thanks for the encouragement! Something to think about going into the new year.
  4. Legion


    Yeah I suppose what I really mean is "hand egg", the the American Football. I just feel weird about doing martial arts because I don't want to be surrounded by kids who could destroy me lmao.
  5. Legion


    I played football all throughout Middle School and was in the drumline and tennis team all throughout High School. Football and Tennis are absolutely my favorite sports because one is incredibly complex and fun to watch and the other is all skill, all day. Even though I still wasn't really "in shape" (chubby as fuck) unfortunately for me I abandoned all of that when I went to college, to focus on my education. So for four years I ate like shit and did no activity besides walking around campus (which was a lot of walking mind you) Eventually I grew to a whopping 240 pounds, at the beginning of the year, and then I decided enough was enough. Been on a cut since then, dropped from 240 to 180 currently, got super into weigh lifting and tennis again. Learned to like cardio, planning on doing some 10k's next year. I still watch the fuck out of college football and play in local rec teams. I wanna pick up martial arts soon, that sound hella fun. Maybe Judo. I feel fucking great as well. Best shape I've ever been in, and I mean that.
  6. Legion

    Someone cure my boredness

    Just go to the gym my dude
  7. Legion

    Does it?

    A te disfrenasi Il verso ardito, Te invoco, o Satana Re del convito A te disfrenasi Il verso ardito, Te invoco, o Satana Re del convito A te disfrenasi Il verso ardito, Te invoco, o Satana Re del convito Wait, shit I got my prayers mixed up
  8. Legion

    Does it?

    hi ^ every1 ^ im ^ new!!!!!!! ^ holds ^ up ^ cheeto ^ my ^ name ^ is ^ murdoc ^ but ^ u ^ can ^ call ^ me ^ t3h ^ MuRdOc ^ oF ^ d00m!!!!!!!! ^ lol…as ^ u ^ can ^ see ^ im ^ very ^ random!!!! ^ thats ^ why ^ i ^ came ^ here, ^ 2 ^ meet ^ groofersl ^ like ^ me ^ _… ^ im ^ 13 ^ years ^ old ^ (im ^ mature ^ 4 ^ my ^ age ^ tho!!) ^ i ^ like ^ 2 ^ eat ^ cheetos ^ w/ ^ my ^ girlfreind ^ (im ^ bi ^ if ^ u ^ dont ^ like ^ it ^ deal ^ w/it) ^ its ^ our ^ favorite ^ snack!!! ^ bcuz ^ its ^ SOOOO ^ good ^ and ^ it ^ turns ^ ur ^ filanges ^ orange!!!! ^ she ^ likes ^ cheetos ^ too ^ ofc ^ hehe ^ lol ^ =) ^ like ^ they ^ say ^ the ^ more ^ the ^ merrier!!!! ^ lol…neways ^ i ^ hope ^ these ^ 7/11s ^ finally ^ get ^ some ^ cheetos ^ before ^ i ^ consider ^ ending ^ it ^ all ^ right ^ now ^ lmao!!!! CHEEEEEEEETOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^ <--- ^ me ^ liking ^ cheetos ^ again ^ again ^ _^ ^ hehe…toodles!!!!! love ^ and ^ waffles, t3h ^ muRdOc ^ oF ^ d00m
  9. Legion


    Definitely don't just limit yourself to TIG, MIG, or Arc welding. The more you diversify yourself the better. At least have a basic use-case with all of them before learning one super in depth.
  10. Legion

    Server compromised and forum update

    Funnily enough my OG login username is gone and now it's just "Legion" pretty rad. IPS4 looks pretty good!
  11. Legion

    Movies you thought were really cool

    I'm gonna go get the papers, get the papers! Edit: Watch Goodfellas then - Oceans 11 The Cornetto Trilogy, (Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, World's End) Close Encounters of a Third Kind Airplane These are some of the greatest movies ever made.
  12. Legion

    Bill Nye the Science (((GOY)))

    You clearly didn't look very hard. Go to your local library my dude. Cite: CASE, LK; RAMACHANDRAN, VS. Alternating gender incongruity: A new neuropsychiatric syndrome providing insight into the dynamic plasticity of brain-sex. Medical Hypotheses. 78, 626-631, May 1, 2012. ISSN: 0306-9877. SCHWARZ, K; et al. Neural Correlates of Psychosis and Gender Dysphoria in an Adult Male. Archives Of Sexual Behavior. United States, 45, 3, 761-765, Apr. 2016. ISSN: 1573-2800. GALUPO, MP; LOMASH, E; MITCHELL, RC. “All of My Lovers Fit Into This Scale”: Sexual Minority Individuals’ Responses to Two Novel Measures of Sexual Orientation. Journal of Homosexuality. 64, 2, 145-165, Feb. 2017. ISSN: 00918369. ROBINSON, K. Look beyond the binary. Therapy Today. 27, 9, 16-19, Nov. 2016. ISSN: 1748-7846. And there are any many more. I cannot link you these articles because I found them on my library and you have to log in. I could rip the abstract from them if you're really inclined, but they back up the spectrum theory on a psynapse level in some cases and even point out flaws in their own methodology. EDIT: Forgot two really important ones that took me <1 minute to find. You can actually read these and I highly recommend you do! http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0022395610001585#sec2.1 https://academic.oup.com/cercor/article/21/11/2525/275208/Sex-Dimorphism-of-the-Brain-in-Male-to-Female
  13. Legion

    Bill Nye the Science (((GOY)))

    Let me preface by saying I think contemporary third-wave feminism is mostly poison. Shit like that university post saying "Not looking at people makes you racist", is fucking nonsense. However, I cannot get behind people's reluctance to accept the 'spectrum' of human sexuality, or their unwillingness to even talk about it. Here's the newsflash I think most people miss: As society becomes more and more automated, problems like gender identity, and expression of personal choice are only going to become increasingly prominent in science and politics. Psychology has always been interested in human sexuality, and literally all evidence within the half-life of knowledge suggests that human sexuality is indeed a spectrum not a tick box. If you've never had a gay tendency in your life and fly straight as an arrow, then congrats! You shouldn't be bothered by any of this. But I know so many people who are really confused about who they are, and where they "fit" and all of that. Granted, some of it is fucking lunacy, and tumblr has prescribed so many negative stereotypes about attack helicopters and fox-demon kin and all that shit. But there are issues with a binary system, and to say that there isn't is willfully ignoring all evidence to the contrary. It's an issue, it needs talking about, and it needs more people thinking about it rather than basing their assumptions on their own prejudices.
  14. Legion

    Bill Nye the Science (((GOY)))

    My problem with the series stems from production value mostly. Would've been much better without a "live" audience. I imagine some of the distaste for the show stems from the fact that that we already know a lot of this. I don't think we needed to be spoonfed on why climate change is bad. That being said, the general knee-jerk reaction from /poltards/ is quite impressive. They loved bill up until they challenged their world view, then they withdrew like a bunch of fucking pissants because he talked about recent developments in human sexuality.
  15. Legion

    Live Music

    The best by far is deadmau5 for me. I saw something not dissimilar to this video here, time stamped my faovorite part too 1:37:00 if it doesnt work. It was incredible.