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    A gamer of over 15 years, Kofee has played competitively in games such as TFC and CS early on in his gaming career. Gaming politics brought down his views of the gaming community and decided to rebel against. For over 8 years and counting, Kofee has dedicated his game time to maliciously grief other players and servers in any and all aspects. These games range from World Of Warcraft, TF2, Minecraft, Left for Dead, CS etc. Kofee is known for his morbid dark humor, social engineering griefing, and mic spam trolling.
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    All I have to say is TF2 Lobby. That's now the competitive scene (Sarcasm warning).
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    That cartoon reminds me of
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    Greetings everyone, My profile "about me" explains pretty much all you need. I have been watching AVO videos for the last few days now and I can without question say that I am hooked. I have been griefing in games for a plethora of years and found it to be my only real pleasure within the game itself. I find myself leaning more towards griefing within the FPS genre and recently into MMO's. I just wanted to pop into the forums and cheers AVO for a job well done thus far! -Kofee