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  1. Keyswitches

  2. Server compromised and forum update

    Sirenfal has committed the cardinal UX sin of LOW INFORMATION DENSITY.
  3. Improv Jam Thing

    Hell yeah, I love that track. Nice photo too. Listening to your stuff now, reminds me a lot of French stuff like Madeon. I like it. I'd love to work on my thing a bit more but I don't really have time right now. I agree that there's a lot more that could be added (or removed) to make it more interesting. I've been trying to work on arranging more because I have so many little bits (please excuse the shitty Finale instruments) that I'd like to turn into more coherent songs. I get a bit carried away with the hemiola sometimes.
  4. Improv Jam Thing

    I figured I should post this here. The production isn't particularly good and there are some mistakes but it's been gathering dust on my hard drive.
  5. Ventrilo?

    Nice necro, but the video is pretty funny.

    rip in pepperoni
  7. Yo tell me when u are ready for the PhantomCraft IP

  8. Regarding the recent drama

    Carver, this is completely inappropriate. This matter should have been resolved in private. I understand that you have feelings for me, but you should have talked to me before posting this.