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  1. Cym4tic

    The Post Your Desktop Thread

    I keep my work environment simple and clean. My CPU isn't actually running at 6.3GHz, it's 4.2GHz lol. Been looking into how to fix it.
  2. Cym4tic

    Hey there

    when are u gonna update carberkraft
  3. Cym4tic

    political compass

  4. Cym4tic

    The new-and-improved Linux Thread

    I really liked openSUSE when I was using it as my first 'real' distro. Had some weird problems with YaST on 42.1 when I was using it on my desktop however, and I didn't know how to troubleshoot. Everything worked fine on Tumbleweed! I'm also using btrfs on my / partition but I haven't learned enough about it yet to take advantage of the features lmao I installed Arch successfully on my 2nd try with occasional help from the Wiki, which was cool. It gave me a better idea of how the OS works. Only used it for a few days, but I loved pacman. Linux Journey is a fantastic website to learn everything from the bash to networking. It seems like just about everyone on the forums who runs linux is more knowledgeable than I am, but it's still an excellent resource!
  5. Let's talk about Linux. Who's running it? What do you like/dislike about Linux? Do you use it as your primary OS? How long have you been running it on your PC? post screenshots! here's my ugly debian system
  6. Cym4tic

    First Presidential Debate is Tonight

    300 million people in the United States and we have to pick between these two.
  7. Cym4tic

    Channel screenshot from February 2011

    really puts into perspective how long ago 2011 was. thanks for sharing
  8. Cym4tic

    Live Music

    if you walk to the venue, you're probably fine. If you drove there like I did, try to park as close to Public Square as you can. Some of the parking garages are in weird areas, especially when the show is over around midnight. Had a homeless guy following me under some scaffolding, yelling at me about something lmao. I think I parked on E 6th or Ontario, so the walk was only a few blocks but all the drunks were out haha
  9. Cym4tic

    Live Music

    I've seen a few concerts at the House of Blues on Euclid. Great venue, especially for the punk shows I went to
  10. Cym4tic

    (US) DEA to Schedule another Plant

    The DEA is placing the main alkaloids found in Mitragyna speciosa (commonly known as Kratom), a plant grown in Asia, into Schedule I in accordance with the Controlled Substances Act. Kratom has helped thousands of people with opiate addictions get off of heroin or prescription pills, so you can see why the DEA wants people to stop using it. Kratom is not a dangerous substance, and helps aid people with depression, anxiety, and sleep problems. Unfortunately, opiate OD's are going to skyrocket after this, which keeps the DEA in business. Please consider signing this whitehouse.gov petition. More information about Kratom can be found here. r/Drugs thread about Kratom scheduling Forbes article about the matter WhiteHouse.gov petition
  11. A while ago, my buddy and I did a remix of Never Forget You by Zara Larsson and it wasn't that good I've spent the past 2 weeks making my own dubstep/hybrid trap remix LISTEN HERE
  12. Cym4tic


    tryna buy one of these when I'm done with university current car is ded but it works out that me and the gf share her Yaris.
  13. Cym4tic


    what the fuck is up niBBas new song download for best quality, soundcloud compression is pretty shite Who still makes music around here? I'm about to be making electronic music full-time!
  14. Cym4tic

    How do you take your coffee/caffeine?

    Coffee, black. any tea drinkers?