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  1. TheHero

    Got an simple idiot question :D

    Not sure if serious... ? simply made an insta destroy hack :/ Im just a starter too.
  2. TheHero

    Got an simple idiot question :D

    Eclipse/other preferred program. MCP (if you want, this part's optional.) Common sense (A big must.) Ill need to wait for MCP to get updated :/ and eclips is also my fav :D THanks
  3. TheHero

    Got an simple idiot question :D

    ''Trollmaster General'' This title goes perfectly to you!
  4. Im trying to create my own hacks, wich is easy (just needed to find the lines -.-) So, i decompiled the .class to an .java, edited but now javac won't let me recompile it... Got any ideas?
  5. TheHero

    Good java tutorials!

    erg, edited, sorry for extreme fail -.-
  6. TheHero

    Good java tutorials!

    Here is an guy, called buckey. Finded him by searching! Here is the first video of the series, he is AWSOME! Easy learning, More like FAST learning! Hope you enjoy him! (P.S he just teach you the basics, dont worry if you can't create another minecraft at the end and you wont finish the tuts in 1 day, trust me)