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  1. Baticus

    Describe a famous person in three words...

    Nigger. Africa. #2012.
  2. Baticus

    Forum Population Timeline

    Mixing weed and alcohol fucks my world up, gets spinny and shit. If yall looking to go hard tho. use your beer for bongwater then drink the bongwater.
  3. Baticus

    Forum Population Timeline

    I always check up on this place every now and again to see if something hilarious is about like it always used to be. it never is.
  4. Baticus

    Buzz, Buzz Mofukka

    I hired a private investigator, whom was a faggot, to detect if he was a faggot. Turns out that he was the PI. I have all the evidence i need.
  5. Baticus

    Buzz, Buzz Mofukka

    You're right. But he's a faggot because he's a faggot,
  6. Baticus

    Outgrand RP

    Jiggity Jankston: ill just shiggity shanksta if ye dont suck my stank bruh /gym
  7. Baticus

    Buzz, Buzz Mofukka

  8. Baticus

    Buzz, Buzz Mofukka

    Hi matt, i have but only one question. Ever sucked a dick before?
  9. Baticus

    Ban the User Above You

    Banned because fuck you
  10. Baticus

    WWE/WWF/WCW Thread

    Todays wrestling is shit. Old 1990-2000 wrestling was awesome (though i didn't get to experience much the nintys). But this we have today is a multi-million dollar shitfest.
  11. Baticus

    yeah guess what, time to laugh at me

    The same shit happened to me 5 days ago. When I called the first time for help I got some bitchy lady who wasn't keen on helping. Then I got a Mexican who wanted to help, but was hard to understand simply because of his strong accent. It's fixed now, and because of it I had to format aswell. I have formatted this laptop 3 times now.
  12. Baticus

    So I got a Razer Naga.

    I didn't buy it. We're going to say it was a gift.
  13. Baticus

    So I got a Razer Naga.

    So, I got a Razer Naga, and I don't understand the hype for it. All it does is seem clunky, but it's a mouse and it works. Here is what it looks like for those who don't know. Quick question to all of you who have used this or any of the other Razer mice; Does it get easier to use and become an advantage? And so this actually has meaning, what are all of your favorite mice?