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  1. MuffinSeeker

    Plague Inc.

    >Start in Saudi >Work on spreading disease sans Symptoms >Activate total organ failure once everyone is infected >??? >Profit
  2. MuffinSeeker

    Post yourself as a Neko!

  3. MuffinSeeker

    Dear Fuckee, my lawyer said I should tell you this.

    I thought "Fuckee" was a person at first...I thought they were a pretty cool guy.
  4. MuffinSeeker

    So I got a new tablet and...

    I kinda got carried away... I am so dead XD
  5. MuffinSeeker

    Post yourself as a Neko!

  6. MuffinSeeker

    Post yourself as a Neko!

    Next thread: Post yourself as the opposite sex.
  7. MuffinSeeker

    Post yourself as a Neko!

    So years ago I made some cat ears as part of a halloween costume but the tail I made was really shit. I kept them in tubs and boxes and pretty much forgot about them until recently. Then, this summer I went to a festival with my boyfriend and found a stall that sold novelty accessories including cat tails. I bought one for a laugh and had a really great time. But when I came home I remembered my ears and mentioned them to several people in passing. Pictures were demanded and I complied, so here they are. Now it's your turn! I'm not demanding you make ears and a tail just for this; you can use the magic of Photoshop or MS Paint too! And you can post a picture of another member on here as long as it's not too incriminating. Have fun!
  8. MuffinSeeker

    Change your username

    I would change it to Krysk and have pink flowers and butterflies in my sig and all my posts would end with "<3 xoxox"
  9. MuffinSeeker

    GreenPeace's VW campaign

    This is really old. I saw it years ago on a TV ad show.
  10. MuffinSeeker

    The racism card and why it's a bunch of BS.

    There ARE bros on here!!! We really need more brohugs and stuff on this forum...
  11. MuffinSeeker

    Phone stuck in Mobile Version

    Mmm...But does anyone have a solution for now?
  12. MuffinSeeker

    Phone stuck in Mobile Version

    I can't seem to find the site support page (Probably because the mobile version is so crappy) but here's my problem: My phone behaved itself and stayed in full version until the update. Now, 90% of the time it will randomly switch to mobile version and get stuck. If I try hitting the "full version" button at the bottom, nothing happens. It did switch back to full version the other day, but today it is back to being a bitch againp. I did some googling and found that this forum had the same problem http://mlpforums.com/topic/13034-ipboard-stuck-in-mobile-version/ . They seem to have resolved it which holds case for even my phone a the button is fully functioning. Every other IPS site doesn't have this problem, so I know that it isn't my phone that is doing it and it isn't IPS as a whole. Is anyone else having this problem?
  13. MuffinSeeker

    The racism card and why it's a bunch of BS.

    What about nignogs? You're all a bunch of NIGNOGS!!! YOU POO-FACED DARKIE BASTARD!!! COLOURED FELLOW!!! See, the silly ones sound way better :D
  14. MuffinSeeker

    The racism card and why it's a bunch of BS.

    I agree with what you're saying. However, people CAN use racist terms in a negative way. It's like the word "fag". I'm a bisexual myself, I have no issue with gays and they have no issues with the word "fag" either. We will use the word "fag" to mean a fucking moron or as a joke with each other. However, if some guy started yelling at a gay friend and calling them a fag or starts talking about how "fags should be put to death". I will have a problem with it. It's all about context. Also, whenever I call someone out for a racist remark, I always make sure I say, "That's racist dude." Not, "YOU'RE a racist for saying that one thing." because I cannot judge someone's personality or views by one mistake they made. If they continued, then I could tell them that they sound like a racist.
  15. MuffinSeeker

    I found this quite interesting

    Polygon count for Minecraft Steve: 36 :P