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  1. RkRx-Pro

    What time do you go to bed?

    go to sleep 6am wake up 10am
  2. RkRx-Pro

    Does it?

    what the fuck is wrong with u
  3. RkRx-Pro


    reds w/ o-rings
  4. i was 16 now i am 23
  5. RkRx-Pro

    Hello Newfriends!

    i aint dead yet
  6. RkRx-Pro


    thats a niiIiiIIiIiice meme my guy
  7. RkRx-Pro


    i fucking HATE rep abusers the FUCK is this shit
  8. Reviving this shit (that is bones..)
  9. RkRx-Pro

    Malga here.

    welcome to my butthole.
  10. RkRx-Pro

    I am in School...

  11. RkRx-Pro

    Net Speeds?

    paying for 50/50 good enough