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  1. Saw you on game theory XD

  2. Warchamp7

    The beast is here!

    Did you ever stop to think maybe it's objectively stupid to spend $3000 dollars for 1.21 Jiggawatts when you only need to spend $1800?
  3. Warchamp7

    The beast is here!

    My current rig was $1,300 at the time I built it. Factoring the upgrades I've made to it since then, it's probably had about ~$1,600 put into it. CPU Intel i7 2600k @ 4.0GHz Watercooled GPU ASUS Radeon 7870 HD 1GB (Original build Radeon 6870) RAM 4x 4GB Kingston HyperX (16GB) (Original build 8GB) Storage 120GB Kingston SSD, 2TB Caviar Black (Original build, put my existing 1TB/2TB Caviar Green) I talked to Krysk and this build went from "$3,000" posted by Sinkip, to Krysk saying "I think it was more like $2,600" and then linking his part list stating it was $2,300. He also hemorrhaged money on a 780ti, so my $2,000 point stands
  4. Warchamp7

    The beast is here!

    Beyond 2k you've done something fucking stupid
  5. Warchamp7

    Super Smash Bros: Brawl

    Brawl is so clunky and blegh. It's like fighting on the moon as a balloon. Project M master race.
  6. Warchamp7


    This Ara guy is a scrub, get on my fashion level
  7. Warchamp7


    Level 40 is around when levels start taking a while heh
  8. Regular Game Normal: $24.99 Sale: $6.24 Deluxe Game Normal: $39.99 Sale: $9.99 Were you born this stupid or is it a choice?
  9. It's only on sale for another 6 hours
  10. Seriously. http://store.steampowered.com/app/4920/ This game is the tits.
  11. Warchamp7


    New UI is gorgeous, so happy we have it now.
  12. Black Rock Shooter. :D

  13. Warchamp7

    How To Get Me To Add You On Skype

    Well yeah, that's why I keep you on Skype. #SHOTSFIRED #WENTBIG #DIDN'TGOHOME
  14. Warchamp7

    How To Get Me To Add You On Skype