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  1. AmericasHat

    Server compromised and forum update

    My posts are all deleted anyways. Nothing of value was lost...
  2. AmericasHat

    Best aVo Artical

    : / misses a lot tbh.
  3. Saw you on game theory XD

  4. AmericasHat

    Developing a Flash Game(Need opinions)

    As someone who was taught to program in AIR, ActionScript 2.0, I would highly recommend you take your knowledge and apply it to swift (object-oriented, "C" Family Language) for ios/mac gaming. The language is cleaner while still being similar to AIR/Java and cleanest and easiest of the three. If you don't have a mac, Java is good for Android and Windows, etc., and Go is good for the internet. You have the logic required to start making more refined programs/games on platforms that you can potentially make money with if you get somewhat good at them. Do whatever suits your desires, and be sure to research all of them for their various pros and cons. I used to use game editors, map editors, and various other tools to make simple games and all of the logic is the same with the syntax for each language and how they interact with their environments being the largest differentiator. There are a lot of simple IDEs, and some specifically for gaming, for most of the languages listed. Take an hour to look for some. Another thing to look into is Unity, there are 2D versions that you can quickly rebuild what you have with and potentially have it on nearly all mobile devices. I believe one even taps into the 3D graphics chips for additional processing and other things to a 2D game. Good luck, and good job so far.
  5. AmericasHat

    I'm 12

    This. I like this one.
  6. AmericasHat

    I'm 12

    Seriously, explain yourselves.
  7. AmericasHat

    I'm 12

    What is this?
  8. AmericasHat


    I want to play my sub with silencers. That was so funny. I'll install it again and add you. Assuming you still have your old acct. <- BackBacon @USEast
  9. Lol, what's going on here?

  10. AmericasHat

    The Completely Inappropriate Thread returns

    So, your mother was a brunette then? /freud'd
  11. AmericasHat

    Apple Certified Pro

  12. AmericasHat

    Higgs Boson Particle

    Relevant. http://www.haydenplanetarium.org/tyson/watch/2010/01/29/stephen-colbert-interview-montclair-kimberley-academy
  13. AmericasHat

    Im getting a job.

    Lol, good luck with that...
  14. AmericasHat

    What do you do on Minecraft when you bored?

    Repeat thread. This is in violation of Rule 1, and will be locked.
  15. AmericasHat

    Scale of the Universe

    Known History of the Universe reflected in one month. Related :