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  1. you my good sir, are honestly a god living amongst men

  2. Haha, that taste haunts me in my sleep...
  3. we will never forget the time when you gave me a warning point in the 2012 good ol' times.

  4. I hate they left or quit minecraft

  5. I hate they left or quit minecraft

  6. You might not ever grief for a while and I understand because of real world bullshit, but you sir are an enigma to all greifers and deserve all of your favorite flavors of ice cream.

  7. Yo! How ya doin'? And some ice cream from the Philippines!

  8. Your profile picture looks like diabetes.

  9. Hey storm mad fan I was wondering if use still grief cause I got told that use stopped and I've been looking for new videos and I can't find any

  10. Also thanks to you all guys for all the videos :D Hilarious stuff

  11. Yo, Greetings & ice cream from Finland! :P

  12. you deserve all the ice cream in the world-jackcayman

  13. You my sir need ice cream