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  1. InSanity

    Most Anticipated Game of 2012

    I want Fire Emblem 3DS,
  2. InSanity

    Minecraft Hardcore Mode?

    I was wondering about it for a while. I know in the single player, the world is deleted. However, what happens if they add it so servers can be in it? Would you be banned? I'm sure it would never work out in servers as the command to kill someone is fairly simple. However, if you think about it on the flip side, it would be fun to know that you are in a group and you are trying to survive. If possible, set different worlds and have one area as Hardcore, and Other. What do you think? Do you think Hardcore mode was a good addition to the gamemodes?
  3. InSanity

    What was the first video game you ever played?

    Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped for the PS1. I didn't have a memory card so when I beat it, I was like..."I can't save!"
  4. InSanity

    Best Game Crossover?

    That is so true. I would love see it happen...wait it does XD
  5. InSanity

    Tribes Ascend

    Playing this right now, and just about to try my skills at it.
  6. InSanity

    Famous Last Words

    Damn you reality!
  7. InSanity

    School Server? What?

    I have an override password to get to youtube. But news on the server, we have a teacher that will set up a private network so it doesn't interfere with the school.
  8. InSanity

    I am Surkist

    Hello. Hope to see you around
  9. InSanity

    Why did you start, and what kept you hooked in?

    I had a friend show me it. I played on a his cracked server, during Beta, and well, I was a bit confused on how to play so I literally digged a hole into the ground. That's all I knew. Later, I started to know how to play and I loved it. I'm trying to get the game legitly...but my stupid card is derping. So I have the money, but I can't buy it because of so.
  10. InSanity

    Best Game Crossover?

    Modern Battlefield 3 would be the best game for me. I love to see teamwork and fast paced action.
  11. InSanity

    Hey, I'm Walkbattle6

    Hey there! like above, I hope I see you around.
  12. InSanity

    [Insert Creative Introduction Here]

    Well that's awesome! Oh that rep thing...dont' worry. I slipped a few clicks too.
  13. InSanity

    [Insert Creative Introduction Here]

    Yea...I'm not that devoted. Thank you! I like this place. I can tell I'm with my kind :D
  14. InSanity

    [Insert Creative Introduction Here]

    Yes.You seem like someone who could put up a conversation that makes sense, unlike 40% of new people. Well, first I read forum rules like a smart person. So that's what helps me.
  15. InSanity

    [Insert Creative Introduction Here]

    Hi! Really now?