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    hEY guY! it a me! hulk smash noob! i smash! NOOB!

    As a texan, I can attest there's a 45% chance this is Ted Cruz
  2. Tomatoesalad

    Live Music

    Dropkick Muphys are incredible live, I recommend bringing a flask
  3. Tomatoesalad

    EU Referendum

    Will they have to rebuild the border checkpoints in NI? That may stir up some unpleasant memories and agitate the "local rapscallions"
  4. Tomatoesalad

    Good funny shows?

    Have you tried Community?
  5. Tomatoesalad

    Speed Running GTA III ?

    The newest one only has a mildly retarded story, I do miss playing pac-man with the low riders and pedestrians
  6. Tomatoesalad

    Drunk music thread

    Jumping on the success of the alcohol thread, what's your drunk music/playlist?
  7. Tomatoesalad

    The Alcohol Thread

    I think you'll be a fan of Bacardi Oakheart
  8. Tomatoesalad

    The Alcohol Thread

    Try Old Rasputin Imperial Russian Stout, it's delicious and about 9%abv
  9. Tomatoesalad

    The Alcohol Thread

  10. Tomatoesalad

    The Alcohol Thread

    This may be the most American thing I've ever read...
  11. Tomatoesalad

    More Books.

    I'm reading "On War" by Carl von Clausewitz. He keeps comparing everything to naked wrestling...
  12. Tomatoesalad

    How do you take your coffee/caffeine?

    Barry's tea, 1 sugar, replace milk with Bailey's
  13. Tomatoesalad

    Steam Hours Judgement Thread

    Mount & Blade: Warband 527 hrs on record Links View Stats Review... Sid Meier's Civilization V 429 hrs on record Links View Stats Review... Total War: SHOGUN 2 140 hrs on record Links View Stats Review... Garry's Mod 114 hrs on record Links View Stats Review... Gnomoria 91 hrs on record Links View Stats Review...
  14. Tomatoesalad

    How do you take your coffee/caffeine?

    Step 1. Strong black coffee, sweeten to your taste Step 2. 2 oz Heavy cream, 2 oz Irish whiskey heat and sweeten to your taste Step 3. Slowly pour the cream mixture on the back of a spoon so that it floats on the coffee Step 4. Drink the coffee through the cream, don't mix Step 5. Enjoyment followed by regret
  15. Tomatoesalad

    Favorite music while driving?

  16. Tomatoesalad

    Am I right in not wanting to get a car yet?

    I was able to buy insurance, and fuel on $8/hour. Depends where you live, Texas is pretty cheap
  17. Tomatoesalad

    Explain a Film You Like Badly (Spoilers)

    An old man plans to get it up, and has some surprise help from a young boy scout.
  18. Tomatoesalad

    Working in Fast Food(Specifically Dairy Queen/Sonic)

    I used to work at a Jack in the Box that gave it's employees free drinks. That being said, I stole a lot of food. The pay covered little more than the fuel, the pay should influence you more than anything
  19. Depending on the buckshot, you can have up to 9mm pellets flying out. 12 gauge may be a little large if your house is as shitty as mine. I keep a 20 gauge, mostly for snakes, but it'll fuck up anyone not wearing armor. It has the added benefit of not being strong enough to make it to the road from my house.
  20. Just a little advice here, if you do decide to use a firearm in your house, be damn sure it's a responsible caliber. The last thing you want to do is accidentally shoot your family members, dog, or even your neighbor. Hollow points and shotguns offer stopping power with minimal penetration Remember it's self defense, within reason. If your actions are proved to be unreasonable, you will be charged with man slaughter or even murder.
  21. Tomatoesalad

    What paranormal thing do you believe in/Find interesting?

    My grandmother feeds faries around her house...She's a bit odd I hope she's just crazy, because fae are scary as shit
  22. Tomatoesalad

    Work out/fitness thread

    It's time to get into shape you fat bastards Share your workout routines and psych-up music etc. I've started playing with a 35lb kettlebell, it's pretty damn fun. There's something about a kettlebell workout to Ride of the Valkeries that just feels right