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    What do you think?

    can confirm
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    R.I.P MineCraft

    pooped my pants too loud
  3. That video actually helped a lot, cool. Also downloading some algorithm and OOP books now. Thanks.
  4. Funnily enough, I never truly understood OOP and how to actually use it. Maybe I'll go learn more about it now. Got any books to recommend on it?
  5. revan114

    Brace Style

    I like the latter, but I am a huge faggot. I've been actually trying to migrate to the first style though more and more. I just think the second style flows better. It takes more space up sure but it is more readable to me.
  6. revan114

    How to get started making clients

    People still make clients? Ah well. I guess this was nice? You should go into more detail about the ways you can hack/load hacks though. Like hardcoding shit in, dynamically loading things, bytecode injection, etc, and why your way works better than these. Right now it just feels like this tutorial is exactly like the millions of others.
  7. So this adapter is kind of old (it came out in 2001) but I've never had a problem with shit like this so much. It works fine, but when downloading/torrenting something at a higher speed than 2 MB/s, it will often start to spaz out and then the download rate will quickly crawl down to 0, and I'll have to unplug it and then plug it back in, leading it to working fine again, until it quickly goes back down to 0 again. But, sometimes when it's downloading at a higher speed, it'll go down to 0 like usual, but then it'll shut off (the LED on the adapter is usually on when it's at 0), and re-plugging it won't do shit. Not only this, but the USB port next to it no longer works, nor does the one it was originally plugged into. I have to restart my computer in order to restore the functionality of the ports. So is this the adapter just being old as fuck, my PSU being finicky, or all of the above?
  8. I've been reading "Secrets of Reverse Engineering" by Eldad Eilam, and I've been reading up on how virtual machines like the JVM and CLR work, and I'm wondering what exactly differentiates the JVM and the CLR? I always hear the main complaint about Java, other than its syntax, being that the JVM is God awful. I imagine something will be explained more indepth to answer this question later on in the book (I am only on page 50), but I'm insanely curious as to what the answer to this question is. What does is it do poorly that the CLR does correctly? I know it takes up more memory and it takes longer to start in the JVM than applications in CLR and that's a reason why it's bad, but I wanna don't wanna know just why it's bad, I also wanna know HOW? What makes it so bad? What makes it take up more memory? I want some indepth hooch.
  9. revan114

    What makes the JVM worse than the CLR?

    listen you fucknig newfag, u justr necrobed a fucking 5 year old thread. check your shit newb, or im gonna fuck you up.
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    The Post Your Desktop Thread

    Been working on my first custom theme. Looks like shit kinda but I'm getting there.
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    Idea for story of text based adventure

    then he has to escape zombie
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    wow thanks. im going to put this info in an extremely encrypted zip within an extremely encrypted rar within an extremely encrypted truecrypt within an extremely encrypted fucking thing.
  13. Well this fucking sucks. So in May, his best friend Chris Cornell had killed himself too, and today was his birthday. Fucking sad man. I used to be kinda into Linkin Park. Sure, the music has been memed about and is called edgy and all that jazz, but they did a lot of cool shit and pretty much made up a new style of music on their own. It sucks that he had to go. Rest in peace bud.
  14. revan114

    Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington has hanged himself.

    His latest album: :L
  15. It's probably no secret to anyone by now that the legendary Zombie genre innovator has died, but I thought it'd be nice to have a thread dedicated to good ol' Georgy here. Day of the fucking Dead was my favorite movie ever. I never really got a chance to see Night of the Living Dead or Dawn of the Dead, but now I'm planning on watching them really soon. It sucks he had to go. -insert zombie romero joke here-
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    Movies you thought were really cool

    I don't really watch movies. Infact, I'd go as far as to say I've only seen like, maybe a handful of films in my entire life. It's something I'm working on changing. I have written down a shit ton of movies I heard were good, and I'm pretty sure if I showed the list to someone they'd go "what the fuck you are so uncultured how could you have not seen x or y?" Anyways, yesterday I watched Robocop 1 for the first time, and it was fucking awesome. The satire in the film was fucking on the nose, and it's amazing how relevant it is even today. I fucking love how nonchalantly the news anchors talk about nuclear war on the horizon, and then go and talk about how the state of Detroit is in a crisis, all just cheery as fuck. Definitely gonna watch more Paul Veerhoven movies in the future.
  17. revan114

    Gorillaz Tour

    should i kill myself
  18. So for the past year and a half, I've been following a mod for Deus Ex called "Give Me Deus Ex" (I even assisted in the beta for like a week), which basically takes Deus Ex and completely remasters it in terms of effects, balancing, maps (but not to the extent of Revision, which remakes the maps), and much more. It's finally out. I think the mod's features can best be summed up from the trailer. http://www.moddb.com/mods/gmdx/downloads Go download it. 10x better than stupid shitty revision.
  19. i am more embarrassed by this quote than the one i made above it where i talk about how i cant ejaculate from masturbation without doing it for an hour. .-.
  20. revan114

    Foreign Languages

    привет! I've been studying my first ever foreign language (my second language), Russian. Why Russian? Well, I've always had a weird admiration for the Russian people. They seem like a hardy bunch of folk. They live in an ice hole, they have been through lots of shit, and they have cool video games. So far, I've memorized about 95% of the Cyrillic alphabet. A few characters keep giving me trouble, but I imagine it'll only take another day of practice to get their meanings down. Then I guess I'll start practicing pronunciation and vocabulary and shit. Do any of you folks know another language? How'd you go about learning it?
  21. revan114

    Foreign Languages

    Yesterday I found this site, https://www.duolingo.com/ and I've been learning Russian words and stuff off it. It has other languages too. Really great resource for those who are interested in looking at it. It has a Codecademy style thing, with XP for progress and shit. Really intuitive and cool.
  22. revan114

    Foreign Languages

    So far from what I've gathered it's just a matter of how much time you're willing to put into it. There isn't really a shortcut to it. Language is just a skill, and like any other skill you get better with practice, unless you're some sort of genius. Since writing the OP I now have no real trouble with the alphabet after giving an extra 30 minutes a day towards rehearsing the sounds, and now I'm looking up Russian words and practicing pronunciation. So far I'm dedicating about 2 hours a day or so to studying it, and that's with taking notes as well. Russian is considered a hard language for English speakers to learn though, and Latin based languages are generally considered much more easier and pleasant to work with, so you have that going for you. Also for usefulness, you should learn a language you WANT to learn. If you aren't putting your heart into it and you aren't interested in it genuinely, you'll just not make any progress. Or you'll progress at a snails pace. Simple as that. Don't learn a language just for the purpose of being a cool hipster faggot, learn it because you want to. Just like the lyrics to the Firewind song, "Do the things you wanna do, and let your spirit guide you through!"
  23. So I'm really late, but after 3 years of owning Starcraft 2, I finally have started playing it and getting into it and I've found I really enjoy the Protoss. Reminds me a lot of the Atlanteans from AOM, what with their expensive but awesome units. I have some questions about the Protoss if anyone here still plays this game and is good. So Warp Gates. When should I upgrade to them? I always wait until I get about like, 15 fucking Gateways before I start mass transforming them into Warp Gates so I can spam a shit load of units out onto my Pylon fields, but apparently people say to upgrade no matter what and that Warp Gates are always better than Gateways? But I'm confused because it seems like you train units slower with a Warp Gate than you do a Gateway, unless you wait until you have like, fucking 15 or 30 or whatever like me. Should I just always upgrade though? Can someone tell me why? Also, this is a more general question applicable to all the races, but I'm confused about workers. So I should always be training workers, but the problem is, I never have enough minerals that way to train armies or move out of my main base if I'm just constantly spamming out workers. I just constantly use up all my minerals training them. Should I just try to churn out one worker at a time instead of queuing them all up like an insane retard? Should I get like, say, 30 workers per base, and then stop training at that base and move out to another base?
  24. Ty for the tips big boi. I unfortunately haven't been playing at all for the past month, been busy studying, but when I eventually return I'll put these tips to use.
  25. revan114

    Mapping Thread!

    Mapping Thread. Post pics of maps for vidya you are working on, and what games you make maps for. Me, I make maps for DooM, and recently I've started learning KF2's UE3 Mapping Tools and I'm excited to start making big boi maps. Here are some pics of my first ever KF2 map: The name of the map? Code Red. :p