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  1. Not sure what's more shocking, that I'm sending this update out into the abyss or that the website still exists at all. 
    Hello, I'm not dead but I am graduating from college in a week.

  2. OriginalXWO

    Define the internet

    Generally an immense resource of knowledge that is wasted and never used to its fullest extent.
  3. Is it time to put the old dog down?

  4. Hello, old place.

  5. Still not dead, hello.

  6. OriginalXWO

    AMA game.

    If you could move anywhere in the world but you must move today, where would you go? Answer: I wasn't sure of what to say. There's not a lot that I enjoy doing that people don't know about. I don't keep many secrets.
  7. OriginalXWO

    Breaking Bad.

    I'm somewhere in season 5. It's one of my favorite shows and the second one where I had actually gotten emotionally invested with the characters.
  8. OriginalXWO

    5 things you want to do before you turn 30

    1. Lose weight 2. Go to college 3. Do some traveling 4. Maybe get married 5. Be happy
  9. OriginalXWO

    If you had a battle theme, what would it be?

    I had a lot of options but I'll only put these two. "Crimson Bow And Arrow" by Linked Horizon http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8jTHfdgCiDU "Rampage" by Fall of Icarus
  10. OriginalXWO

    Support Group Thread

    Getting bored and stressed with how my life has been going. I don't like the American education system and how certain classes are required even though it'll never help me get anywhere in life. My Borderline Personality Disorder has been flaring up badly and it's hard to keep that under control since treatment is not an option for me right now. I had arguments with my boyfriend about stuff I don't want to talk about on here. I always seem to be chronically bored no matter what I'm doing and nothing entertains me anymore. I'm starting to fail some of my classes because I just can't stay concentrated. TLRD My life has no direction, my emotions are fucked, and I'm bored with "education".
  11. OriginalXWO

    My younger brother said he's gay? Your opinions?

    Well I knew for sure since I was 12 so 11 probably isn't that strange. In a way I've known my whole life that I was more attracted to guys than women. I don't know your brother well enough to make any claims about him though. He might actually be gay, bisexual, or as other people said he might be doing it for attention. I severely doubt it's for attention though because that is a bad argument. Edit: Either way just wait for a while and ask him again in a few years. If he still says yes or seems more sure that he is then just be a good brother and be supportive of him. If he doesn't think he's gay in a few years than I guess he was just confused or trying to figure out who he was.
  12. OriginalXWO


    Hey, late to the party, but nice to meet you! I also enjoy some Doctor Who in my free time.
  13. OriginalXWO

    DW 50th Anniversary

    Well this is new information for me. Do you have a link to the 50th Anniversary Dalek?