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  1. Hahah its okay! I think me and my friend have sorted them so haha! Can't wait for it
  2. I do, saw the Fnatic Vs Origen game. Wanted it to go to 5th game, but no luck :(
  3. I really want to go too Worlds at Wembley! Me and my friend tried to get tickets but they're sold out :( Ebay here we come!
  4. Cidian

    So I need a monitor

    I'd recommend a BenQ G2450HM.
  5. Cidian

    Best/Fun LoL matches

    Thought i'd post on this. This was a old game, but here are the results. Best build euw
  6. Cidian


  7. Cidian

    New introduction! Cidian is back.

    Rakiru will always be my monkey man <3 Or monkey boy. I can't remember. Eon! hskjdfmnkl1 HEY MAN! you actually still use that? Jesus..That skin is old! What one was it?
  8. Cidian

    Elder Scrolls Online Beta

    So far playing the beta, it seems to be pretty good! However one thing has certainly annoyed me. Once i hit level 8. The questing difficulty has just got harder by about 200000 thousand times. It's beyond stupid. Unless if thats just me being to low level for the actual quests
  9. Cidian

    New introduction! Cidian is back.

    @Rakiru Oh my. Im so sorry mate. Much love <3
  10. Cidian

    Elder Scrolls Online Beta

    In my opinion it's a great idea. Having a 1st/3rd person MMORPG game like Skyrim, but its just getting it to work whats the problem. If they can pull it off tonight till sunday in the beta, then that'll settle my opinion on it.
  11. Cidian

    New introduction! Cidian is back.

    يجب عربية تسود
  12. Cidian

    Elder Scrolls Online Beta

    I can't wait to logon friday and get straight down to character customisation. Its look amazing.
  13. Cidian

    You Laugh, You Lose. Round V

    Kinect Fruit Ninja
  14. Cidian

    Elder Scrolls Online Beta

    So i thought i'd make a post about ESO (Elder Scrolls Online) as I haven't seen one on the beta release yet which is coming this weekend. Who managed to get one? I sure did. So excited about it. Whats your guys opinions on the game?
  15. Cidian

    Hello there

    Sometimes the cheap stuff is the best. But welcome to forums!