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  1. Flash

    what was your first experience with alcohol?

    I butt chugged a fifth of Popov. Got plastered off of three shots of tequila freshman year of college (I think I weighed around 120 at the time, also no alcohol tolerance). Ended up hopping a fence when the cops came to break up the party. Usually just drink cheap vodka or whiskey now. Sometimes a 40 if I'm short on cash.
  2. Flash

    Wonderful (New Release)

    A bit more punchy than most chill hop. I like it, 10/10 doesn't sound like something I'd find on a three hour youtube chill hop playlist.
  3. Flash

    I suck at games

    Get good idiot.
  4. Once upon a time, my dad's mother sodomized a Mexican twink with gyrating strap-ons. My dick hardened when a child didn't stop fondling my... nostrils.
  5. Flash

    The Alcohol Thread

    I like rum and coke, actually drinking it right now. Gin and tonic is also pretty good, I usually like it with Bombay if I have the money for it. In terms of beer I like Oberon, its a very nice wheat beer that isn't to heavy. Raspberry Iambic is also really good if you don't like the taste of alcohol but still want to drink. To be honest though drugs are way better than drinking, drinking you wake up puke for an hour and regret existing. Btw anyone know any good hard liquors to sip on while smoking? Recently bought a tobacco pipe while I was in Portland and I really like it, thought it would be nice to sip on something while I smoke.
  6. Flash

    Greetings! .w.

    Hallo :D
  7. Flash

    Tips for aiming for the head?

    Was always kind of curious what that was. I have it happen usually when I am dming as soldier in tf2, I sort of zone out for a sec, my eyes go blurry and then I hit like 4 directs in a row. Interesting info thanks.
  8. Flash

    Did AllNaturalX eventually help Avo grief?

    I was under the impression that when he did appear in videos it was another Avolition member using allnaturalx in name protect as a joke. Of course I don't really know if name protect works that way, but I thought that was sort of what happened.
  9. Flash

    Steam Hours Judgement Thread

    Doing my first season of ESEA Open TF2 this summer as roaming soldier. Also dicked around with a friend in Unturned for a while because he had found a server full of idiots and was killing them and taking their shit, eventually we made a sky base and raided other sky bases, pretty fun game if you are with friends.
  10. Flash

    aVo | Poetry

    The forum is ded You fags are still here? Go outside virgin.
  11. Flash

    Tips for aiming for the head?

    It depends on the game, hit boxes and hit detection are different in every game, what may look like a headshot on your end may not reg in game as one. In general figure out how hitboxes within the given game work and then from there try to aim in accordance with their operation. In general though keeping your cursor at head level and just working on making that a reflex is a good place to start.
  12. Flash

    I can't deal with this right now.

    If the NYPD can't actually get through the snow to get to your house you can do whatever you want.
  13. Flash

    Forum Population Timeline

    Pro-tip: Get both, go hard.
  14. Flash

    Forum Population Timeline

    Revan I'm concerned with how you spend your free time. Unless you are autistic, in which case never mind.