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  2. -CmC-

    Best ingredients to start?

    I personally see no help in learning html and css, maybe javascript, but honestly, start with a language like c#/c++/java html and css don't involve the problems such as involved thinking, logical stuff, variables, I personally don't see it being a help. If the person is a first time beginner with absolutely no knowledge of any programming language, It's best they learn the basic setup and structure and how these languages work rather than to jump right into it. Then I think they should get involved in something a bit harder such as Javascript.
  3. -CmC-

    Hello, I am Mcfreeze

  4. -CmC-


    Thanks for the welcomes everybody. Hope to get to know you all alot more! Indeed it is.
  5. -CmC-

    Best ingredients to start?

    If I were you and JUST starting out programming, I would learn a basic language which to alot of people isn't even considered programming but Scripting. HTML & CSS might seem off topic but is a good place to start, Work your way up to Java and being to program. Patience is KEY, I've been programming for over 4 Years and I still have yet to completely master Java, But it's given me knowledge on many other things. Good luck in your endeavours!
  6. -CmC-


    Sup, To Avolition Members: I'm the leader and representative from Team [CmC]. Team Avolition has really inspired me greatly. Your videos are not only fun to watch, but give me a heads up on what servers are like, Which ones to go on, and their vulnerabilities. ( Not to mention meeting those Asshole Admins ;) ) Anyway. I like what you guys do and I can tell each one of the team's members have put in alot of work into making Avolition what it is today. To Everyone Else: I'm Caiba, leader and representative of Team [CmC] ( as mentioned above ). I've been playing minecraft since version 1.3 and I've loved it for a long time. I'm a web developer, and Programmer of four years. I've worked on several different Minecraft plugins and applications. I'm fluent in 10+ scripting and programming languages including HTML, CSS, Java, Javascript, AJAX, Perl, Python, Etc. Although some people may not believe me, I'm a former Black Hat. I consider myself to be fairly good at website attacks and vulnerabilities. Such as DDoS'ing, De-facing, and taking Down Web servers, Game servers, and Websites. I host my own server and website. But I'm not going to advertise the link here. If you want it go to my forum profile here or PM me. I've just recently started making YouTube videos of my Gameplay and Greifing and hope to make more in the future. Although I would like to point out that Team [CmC] is not just a greifing clan. It's a Minecraft community who participates in Gameplays, Reviews, Commentaries, Walkthroughs, Etc. But It just so happens that Team [CmC] has some enemies from it's past and present. Normally if the server is Public I'll Greif it. Yet, If I really want to do damage to a particular server, I'll do a slight DDoS to crash the server or their website and render it unusable for a period of time. My intentions of coming here is to better get to know aVo themselves and their fans considering I'm one of them. At all costs, I would also like Team [CmC] and Team aVo to be on atleast a semi-friendly basis. We don't need any pointless Team/ Clan wars considering I'm already in one with the }SoC{ ;) Hit me up via PM if you want to know more or are interested in learning about Team [CmC]