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  1. cossacave

    Questions pertaining to videos

    I'd assume he only has the posted videos to work from and, as such, has to take the music *out* first. That would be the hard part - scrubbing the msuic while keeping the dialogue.
  2. Click my dick to ma... wait.
  3. cossacave

    Favorite Posters You Own Or Want

  4. cossacave

    Looking to get a new screen

    I'm currently using this monitor and it handles really well for the price. :)
  5. cossacave

    Could you make something for me?

  6. cossacave

    iPhone 4S sound problems

    Assuming I'm understanding this correctly, it's a known glitch with iOS that's usually triggered by a dust particle on the contacts inside the headphone jack. Use a can of compressed air or even just blow really hard into the jack and give it another go.
  7. cossacave

    Oh my God this is so fucking good...

    > Sprecher > Bootlegger's Bourbon Mah nigga.
  8. cossacave

    Are You Joshing Me?

    Not enough cocks to be Tritton.
  9. cossacave

    Band drawing.

    It looks really clean except for the, "I hope you smile," which looks like you were drunk while you did it. I really hate to do it, but... Did you freehand it while looking at this?
  10. cossacave

    What do you normally do when you drop acid?

  11. cossacave

    Prosthetic Hand Capable of Sensing Touch

    I am actually a part of this field and would like to recommend you check out everything Darpa is working on.
  12. cossacave

    I need help naming this little faggot

    I have gone by Kota for years... It's a wonderful name, but I'm not sure it's a ferret's name. :P My vote is for Niko. :)
  13. cossacave

    Hey, I'm Raiku

    Welcome back, Raiku! :D