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  1. eonrulz

    Ebola confirmed in Dallas Texas

    Calm the fuck down dude :D
  2. eonrulz

    Ebola Conspiracy ?

    I think you might b drinking bad guinness, dude! Shouldn't make your stomach ache. unless you're drinking so much you're giving yourself alcohol poisoning in which case I don't think that's the beers fault! Also I like you brigade. we're drunk buddies now.
  3. eonrulz

    Ebola Conspiracy ?

    waaaaaat. oh, right, I forgot you americans don't know how to beer. I bet you had it cold, too, you philistine. :P
  4. eonrulz

    Ebola Conspiracy ?

    well that was silly but also day drinking is the best. I would totally have a beer at lunch every day if I didn't have to work. you should try having a shower beer at some point, its great
  5. eonrulz

    Ebola Conspiracy ?

    I haven't gotten round to buying any liquor yet :( New country and all that. Turns out the uspermarket is lcosed on a sunday, who'd have thought also wait if you're in like alaska or some shit then isn't it only just after dinner time for you? I applaud your dedication to day-drinking to be that wasted already
  6. eonrulz

    Ebola Conspiracy ?

    Wine before beer, you'll feel queer!
  7. eonrulz

    Ebola Conspiracy ?

    Ah, wine! A fantastic idea, I shall have some as I just finished all my beer
  8. eonrulz

    Ebola Conspiracy ?

    I bet I'm more drunk than you are right now. I CHALLENGE YOU TO A DRUNK OFF! No idea how one would regulate a drunk-off but fuck it any excuse right?
  9. eonrulz

    Ebola Conspiracy ?

  10. eonrulz

    opinions on this entire quinnspiracy ordeal?

    Well, good, then. Its heading in the right direction. Most of the posts in this thread were giving completely the opposite perception. I guess it takes a while for it to filter upwards from the depths. Though I still think there's a lot of attention thrown towards individuals, rather than companies, which is not helping the matter. Attacking an employee is going to make other employees of the company, and the company itself, close up around that person to protect them. Ideally it should be the companies themselves that are targeted, to try to get them to implement new measures for transparency, and no company is going to do that whilst individuals are being confronted, lest they hang them out to dry for no real reason. (by companies I mean e.g. IGN, Gamespot, etc., whilst individuals would refer to the reviewers themselves, or people like TotalBiscuit).
  11. eonrulz

    opinions on this entire quinnspiracy ordeal?

    Yeah. I'm not defending her reactions on twitter and the like, there's definitely room for improvement there. Not that its helped by people going apoplectic every time she says something, but hey. I'm at least a little willing to cut her some slack, given that she was catapulted into the spotlight by a hate-campaign against her, regardless of how that hate-campaign then settled down into a reasonable expose of gaming journalism. Its not like she's had any PR training, which the likes of Phil Fish and other similar twitter-ragers have inevitably had. Yeah, I'd definitely agree with you on how it brought to light some of the issues apparent in gaming journalism, but in my opinion it shouldn't have been an issue in the first place (her sleeping with judges/reviewers/etc). And the backlash definitely shouldn't have been directed at her to begin with, it was just unfortunate that it was sparked by an angry ex's tirade against her. Ideally, the journalists/judges/reviewers should have quietly excused themselves from the process and let someone else cover it; that's not Zoe's fault, in my opinion, unless someone can show me explicitly that she propositioned them with the condition that they favourably review her game(s?). Then I might change my mind. Agreed on the 'she shouldn't be relevant' point, though perhaps 'shouldn't' and 'aren't' are not quite equivalent here. But yeah, just like you say its only a very small minority of #gamergaters that does all the bad stuff, its likewise only a small minority of women in gaming who are these SJWs, these feminazis, etc. But as I said - the legitimacy of #gamergate is ruined by that small minority, just as the good criticisms levelled at the apparent lack of female inclusion in gaming are drowned out by the small minority of idiots SJWs. You can't ignore one and highlight the other; either ignore them both or focus on both. To do otherwise just feeds the fuel of those small minorities. Yeah I'd heard about it. See my point above, though, I think that's kinda relevant here as well. I do think that the distinction you made is quite often lost, though, especially among, ah, less intelligent and mature forum-goers than yourself (and many of the other people on here, too, you're not a bad bunch of people, surprisingly). Also, here's a comparison I feel perhaps is apt: the largest funding source of 'green' energy providers comes from the oil industry; doesn't mean there isn't still a problem with the oil industry! And I direct you to my third-to-last point then, which states exactly that. In which case, the best thing to do would be to just completely ignore any of these SJWs, right? They're a distraction surely, getting in the way of the aim of #gamergate. Which, I hasten to reiterate, the stated goal of #gamergate seems reasonable, to an extent at least. I just disagree with a lot of the intermediary steps - like dealing with the SJWs, for example. :)
  12. eonrulz

    opinions on this entire quinnspiracy ordeal?

    Ok. Fine, I'll try to write down something that properly summarises what I feel about GamerGate, the Quinnspiracy, and everything else. You'll have to give me some time though, as for obvious reasons I want to phrase it in a correct manner. Here's some highlights/lowlights of my opinion, though: I have nothing against any campaign to increase transparency in the gaming industry However the email group people are saying is evidence of a gaming journalism 'elite' seems perfectly legitimate - physicists have a billion email groups to discuss problems of all sorts between them; that's not elitism, that's just being sensible in a modern, connected world. You'll find the same is true in pretty much every field, these days. The idea that a very small minority of independent developers are somehow controlling the entire gaming industry is ludicrous at best, and downright paranoid at worst. Similarly, Zoe Quinn screwing a couple of dudes did not majorly influence the outcome of the sales of Depression Quest. Given the amount of shit that gets Greenlit on Steam, it would probably have got through anyway, especially given the publicity garnered by its (rather unfortunate) release timing. Even if this was true, why would it matter? Don't buy it if you don't like it. Its for free on her website anyway, so she's obviously not aiming to make a huge amount of money out of it. And again, so much shit gets through Greenlight anyway through often nefarious means, why is it that Zoe Quinn is being singled out of this sea of turds? Oh, right... she's a woman, and a feminist at that. Saying that feminism is stupid because of SJWs is like saying the economy is stupid because my local bank manager denied me a loan. Its an extreme, localised case, that happens to be part of something much larger, more important and far more vital. I avoided the obvious religion comparison there - Christianity is stupid because of West Boro Baptist Church, etc. - because comparing feminism to a religion is unfair to feminism, and also religion is stupid for many reasons and not just extremists. Regardless of what Zoe Quinn may or may not have done - none of which deserved to be so widely publicised anyway, one's private life should be just that - did she deserve to have constant death threats, rape threats, insults and general harassment thrown at her and her family, both online and through the telephone? I say no, nobody deserves that for any reason, let alone just sleeping with a few guys. If any evidence was needed for the existence of feminism, that's a fantastic starting point. Similarly with Anita Sarkeesian - sure, some of her points were not subtly made, and were maybe drawing unfair or incomplete comparisons, but she was making legitimate criticisms of the gaming industry, that if the industry is to progress, should be addressed. Especially if it is to be considered an art form - art of all types is hit by similar criticism, and deal with it, whereas the quite frankly childish reaction of the gaming industry and those who enjoys games is more evidence towards that criticism being needed (if not particularly well-made by Sarkeesian). And, if the point of #GamerGate is to try to increase transparency in gaming journalism, which of itself is a worthy goal, why on earth are pro-GG supporters still arguing with the anti-GG crowd? If it has nothing to do with feminism and women in gaming, then just let the SJWs have their rant, and stop trying to argue back with them. Take the moral high ground. Its like trying to argue politics with someone trying to argue about science; they're almost completely separate, so why not just end the argument with a wry chuckle at how pointless it was? .... Unless it is about feminism, in which case, maybe feminists have a legitimate point to make? And how about instead of ignoring these and focusing on the vocal minority - just as the anti-GG people are doing, hence the argument in the first place - maybe a better step forward would be to take the first step out of the argument, and just let the vocal minority shout themselves hoarse. Give the majority with an actual point to make a chance to make themselves heard, and then if #GamerGate is as rational as you're all making it out to be, then a proper resolution could be sought. As it is, #GamerGate and the anti-GG sides just seems like petulant children, squabbling over something their parents said off-handedly. Or North Korea, standing up at a UN meeting; maybe it has something actually interesting and useful to say, but between its track record and its otherwise extremist views, nobody takes it seriously. Something has to change, and someone has to be the first to make that change. Why not Zoidberg #GamerGate? ... And that turned out to be a lot longer than I thought it would be. I'll try to write something more formal, and probably with more points to make as well, but this'll do for now. Remember this is just my opinion, and I don't really fall cleanly onto either side of the fight, as you can probably tell from the above points. Though at this point as well, its just arguing opinion against opinion, and no-one ever walks away from that feeling clean.
  13. eonrulz

    opinions on this entire quinnspiracy ordeal?

    I disagree with most of this thread, but I have a feeling that any post I try to make will either turn into a rant on my behalf, or will be labelled as me being 'brainwashed' by those pesky feminists. The problem is that neither side wants to listen to the other, and anyone kinda neutral or ambivalent is made unwelcome by both. This is no longer a debate, its opinionated gesturing melded with self-sufficient circle-jerking. And it makes me sad, because both sides of the coin have decent points to make, but none of them are being made effectively due to the actions of a small minority, further igniting the gasoline being fed to the fire. If both sides could take a step back and take a long, critical look at themselves as well as their chosen methods of debate, that would be fantastic; but alas, the internet.
  14. eonrulz

    hey guise

  15. Misread thread title as Raven, and was skeptical. This makes far more sense, despite making no sense.