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    Servant of Chuck Knoblock the one armed long arm of the Law
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    Gaming, griefing, trolling, reading, reselling.
  1. ChainWraith

    What the fastest record of you getting banned?

    A couple seconds after I logged on. An Admin thought my username was "satanic and demonic".
  2. ChainWraith

    Mediafire vs megaupload

    Mediafire. No wait times.
  3. ChainWraith

    the most evil or your favorite villian?

    Annie Wilkes.
  4. ChainWraith

    Most embarrasing thing you have done

    Falling alseep in Home Economics and talking in my sleep. From what other kids say I apparently said; "Die zombie bastard", "My corner", and "Go fuck a cow".
  5. ChainWraith

    Strangest thing during griefing?

    I got jailed for griefing, the owner broke me out of jail, and then blamed a bunch of different people for doing it.He wouldn't fix the damage I did either.
  6. ChainWraith


    Hello! Mkay, thanks for the heads up ^^
  7. ChainWraith


    There's always a chance. *Dramatic crying*. Bronies I can tolerate, furries on the other hand.. Is no forum safe?!
  8. ChainWraith


    XD Yeah I've been addicted to Minecraft lately so I haven't had much time for Terraria. -Reason fails-. This forum is free of furries, right?
  9. ChainWraith


    -Stalk stalk stalk- No not really. I'm not a stalker, don't be weirded out :| Ehem *cough*; I am ChainWraith *Puts on Captain Obvious cap*. Feel free to call me "Chain" or "Wraith". Wraith is preferred. But either one will do. Yup I play Minecraft, Mabinogi, Portal 2, Terraria (not very much), Wolf Quest, Feral Heart, Transformice and a few others. I'm not a furfag, I know it might sound like it considering I play Feral Heart and Wolf Quest, but I'm not. -Female-.