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  1. phlood

    First Presidential Debate is Tonight

    Presidential debates in one photo...
  2. Playlist link: https://www.youtube....Wd5eAzToYCr1LiI To get to this point, it took me over 5 hours of downloading all of these videos and labeling them with the correct date that they were uploaded, and also while doing that I made sure they were the "fixed" audio videos. (since someone messed up some of the audio when they re-uploaded some videos) A lot of these videos might look like they are in the wrong order, but they're not. I listed these videos in the date that they were uploaded. Everyone messes up on things so If I did mess something up then please let me know on Twitter or on Team Avolitions website. Thanks. I did this for the people that just want to binge watch Team Avo's videos without any issues. Twitter: https://twitter.com/pokedice Avo Profile: http://www.teamavoli.../100259-phlood/ Playlist link:
  3. Thanks for changing my name, I appreciate it. <3

  4. I'm not as think as you drunk I am.

  5. phlood

    Channel screenshot from February 2011

    Holy moly! Thanks so much for sharing UnknownGamer, these videos just made my night! I am also happy to be able to bring happiness to people who have saw this post. :)
  6. I thought I would share this with people on here :D I thought I would share this with people on here :D
  7. phlood

    Team Avolition best/funniest moments compilation.

    So... Ugh.... I don't really have a good explanation for this but I just started working on the video again, I had to download vegas because camtasia is just all around terrible for editing long videos in my opinion. I don't have lots of time for editing but now I have the motivation so it should be done in the upcoming weeks. Sorry for the wait if anyone has actually been waiting lol...
  8. phlood

    Team Avolition best/funniest moments compilation.

    I wanted everyone to know on this thread that I am starting development of the Reddit compilation. I was having problems with my video editing software - it was declining my placement of the videos into the clip bin. I am going to be adding the song that UnknownGamer made and I will post to this thread and add another thread when it is complete, give me a couple weeks to complete the project because I have school and that can get into the way of my video editing. Any recommendations are welcome :D
  9. phlood

    Team Avolition best/funniest moments compilation.

    I am going to have to do that haha! Thanks for the recommendation.
  10. phlood

    Team Avolition best/funniest moments compilation.

    Yes. It was a little long for a Funny/Best moment video. I agree. I am gonna start working on a Reddit edition in a little bit. I need to get all of my videos downloaded first.
  11. I made a video and took a couple days to work on it, I have been a fan of Avo for a long ass time so I wanted to make a video for people to look at if they wanted to relive the early days of Avo! Please enjoy this video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=11fMjMh9FGs&feature=youtu.be