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  1. I joined these forums when I was about 16-17 in 2012. I stumbled into here when googling for information about Minecraft hacks. I joined, asked some questions, and just stuck around I guess. Living in the middle of nowhere, being here helped open a social circle I couldn't, and provided a small escape from my mother's raging narcissism. As previously stated, I always wanted to learn about programming, but like everything I couldn't maintain the motivation to practice. Simply having the vent where I could be around people that did program helped me continue working when I normally would have fizzled out. I met my wife, Starberry_sundae, here on the forums. I fucking packed my shit up and moved out to Arizona because of the relationships I built on the forums. Many of the good things that have happened in my life, started with conversations I had with the people here. Who would've thunk some online forum would change my life so drastically, and for the better. I've tried finding other online communities, but nothing has ever quite had the faggotry displayed here.
  2. blind7125

    Phase hack

    It's simple, you just have to vibrate your character's pixels at the same frequency as the pixels of the block you want to phase through.
  3. I played a while longer today, and well... not really. I really hope some things start to change, or they just add private servers in full release. The heavier enemies are simply ridiculous. 3 rails to kill them consistently, and I swear I hit 4 on a few. Acid spit that players are now spraying all over the jump shafts so you can't see it, which also hits you for 3 damage a second long after you leave it. People that can just fucking disappear? wut. Anarki becomes a god if you simply spend a second getting "timer" pickups and spamming his ability to up his max health. The lightning gun is absolutely useless compared to the assault rifles, and that's especially so once you get quad damage. Holy fuck, I plowed through 20 or so people in Quad with an assault rifle shitting out like 40 damage a bullet. The level design also makes bunny hopping insane. With the new maps, they have much more complex stuff littered about. You can hit ludicrous speed with a character like Scalebearer on the rocky terrain, since you can jump immediately when you hit ground, and just start "shotgun ramming" with his passive for one hit kills all day long. I'm hitting rails and rockets against these players, and they just shrug it off like it's nothing. You start to get a little pissy when you see three 80's pop up from your rails, the tank still isn't dead, and he has his friends. Remember kids, just use the double barrel shotgun that fires nearly as fast as you can pull the trigger, you'll be a pro in 20 minutes!
  4. The abilities aren't as bad as I thought, save for one or two passives. It seems Anarki can turn much sharper and faster while strafe jumping. I haven't used him yet, but the description seems to be "strafe jump and bunnyhop like xonotic". If that's the case, a somewhat decent player will be almost invincible. While it will be significantly harder to hit someone who can turn on a dime, it will be easier for them to aim while moving. I do plan to get him today to test though. Speaking of Xonotic, I certainly wish this game had mods and private servers, so we could instagib and add grapplehooks.
  5. I was extremely turned off at first, until I started to see some more gameplay footage. The only issues I have with it are the different speeds of the characters, and a few abilities right now. I'll give a try though!
  6. blind7125

    Bill Nye the Science (((GOY)))

    Are you sure they aren't thinking of the testosterone blockers or whatever they were trying that caused a range of side effects? As far as I know, the gel in the video is pretty safe so far, and they recently confirmed it was reversible. Vasalgel shouldn't mess with testosterone.
  7. blind7125


    Fuck man, I follow this shithole subreddit called GamerGhazi, and some of the stuff they post is crazy. They are entirely for "punching nazi's". One article they shared had this incredible gem: So fucking close, if only they could redirect it at themselves. The greatest part about these nazi punchers, is they actually start quoting Hitler to justify it. In one of his speeches, he claimed the only way to destroy the Nazi Party was to destroy it with utmost brutality. The problem with people that quote this, is they only quote this. It's actually an alternative to a solution he gave one sentence prior, which was to be aware of his ideals and do nothing at all. However the elites decided to start screaming antisemite, instead of addressing the real worker's plight, that Hitler supposedly linked the Jews to. The original DAP would have gone nowhere had Hitler not been a challenging little cunt who could frame the shit out of his arguments. If only the Democrats had spoken to the people, instead of abusing any word with the suffix -ist. Don't scream at Trump in the election, just carry on as usual and occasionally laugh at the buffoonery. Attacking a fool as anything serious is only going to demonstrate your even more egregious foolishness.
  8. blind7125

    An entertaining OldSchool Runescape'r

    There's a big difference between liking something, and becoming so fixated on an interest that you start to model it. Nobody cares that you like MLP. People are just laughing that you are so far so devoid of personality that you have to imitate a cartoon horse.
  9. blind7125

    Best GTA Menus?

    Tfw I managed to get hundreds of millions if not billions from some scripter close to the PC launch, and it is still sitting in my account. My account's worth is well over several thousand in shark cards lol.
  10. blind7125


    The new JoJo season has been probably the best so far. Though, you should check out Drifters. It's produced by the same people as Hellsing, with fantastic animation. I just watched Terror in Resonance the other day, and it was actually pretty good. Oh, and the heroic legend of Arslan is alright.
  11. blind7125

    Retro Game Remakes/Remasters.

    Yes, hello, any choice but Kongol and Haschel makes you a raging faggot. Albert is slightly acceptable.
  12. blind7125

    Retro Game Remakes/Remasters.

    HL3 will come out first, give up hope now, I did a long time ago. As for Diablo, the DLC might be cool, but I've never seen a reason to play that game more than once or twice.