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    Please read the following rules before you use this site. Site Rules Do not discuss anything illegal. Do not post inappropriate content. Graphic violence, pornography, and excessive profanity don't belong here. Do not post executable files. Do not harass/dox/threaten other users. If you can't help yourself, come back once you finish middle school. Zero tolerance. Do not create multiple accounts. This is usually a sign that you're up to no good, so we'll just ban all of them. Do not spam the forum. Do not advertise. Do not give or ask for legal or medical advice. This is an English forum. Post in English. Think before you post. Try to contribute to the discussion. Use common sense. Post in the correct section. This makes it easier for others to find relevant threads. Don't bump old threads. If a thread hasn't been active for a couple weeks, leave it alone unless you have a good reason. Proof read your posts. No one is likely to take you seriously if you can't spell. If somebody breaks the rules, just report it. Don't clutter the thread with posts about how somebody broke the rules. If you break the rules, this is what will happen: If you do something mildly annoying, you might get a warning. If you violate the rules, we'll remove the content. If we think you're going to break more rules, we'll suspend your posting privileges for some time. If you do anything malicious or really annoying, you'll get banned. Use common sense, it doesn't matter if something isn't in the rules. Don't be a dick.
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    I was stuck here long before I joined the forum.
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    I don’t usually have a set time and I will end up staying awake until my body passes itself out. This creates a subsistent unhealthy sleep schedule so I was wondering, when do you all go to bed?
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    Post a wish in the comments below. Somebody else will then grant that wish but corrupt it and then post a wish under that. You can get as disturbing or dark as you want. Ex: Player 1: I wish that I had a car. Player 2: Wish granted, but the car has no battery. I wish that I had a dog. And the game continues. I will start: I wish that I had a father.
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    lol. anyways, halo 3 custom edition when?
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    Wish granted, but you owe the bank all the money you have. I wish I knew how to play guitar.
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    Hmm. I think it’s gotta be CSGO. Favorite TV Show is Gotham. Favorite color is black.
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    What's your SSN?
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    Programming is easy, it's problem solving that is hard. I always stand by this. Just learn python, which is the unarguably GREATEST programming language of all time, and this is coming from someone who writes everything in C/C++. But just look up python tutorials, it is super easy to learn. Also use python 3 because python 2 is outdated.
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    Hey, looks like it never occurred to me to sign up here even though I've been following Team Avolition's content for about 4 and a half years. So, hello to anyone who may be reading this post. I'm Matt. As probably is the case for a lot of people, I found Team Avolition's content through their Minecraft griefing videos. Something about these videos stuck with me, and I have to give credit to NextGWSMan's "The Tale of Team Avolition" video for creating a resurgence of memories of my time watching the crew's videos. I'll admit, as my interest in Minecraft dropped, a lot of the content creators I used to associate with it fell into the depths of my memory, but I'm genuinely glad I was reminded of these guys, I've been going through and re-watching their content as of late, and I got reminded of this place, decided to sign up since I never did before. Better late than never, right? Once again, nice to meet all of you. I hope it's no issue that I've dropped in after such a long time.
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    go to sleep 6am wake up 10am
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    is this the code that was used in the torch breaker hack? public class ReliantTorchAnnihilator implements Runnable { private boolean running = true; private boolean smash = false; private int lpX; private int lpY; private int lpZ; public void run() { lpX = (int)(Math.floor(ReliantWrapper.GetPlayerX())); lpY = (int)(Math.floor(ReliantWrapper.GetPlayerY())); lpZ = (int)(Math.floor(ReliantWrapper.GetPlayerZ())); while(running) { if(smash == false) { this.Smash(); smash = true; } else { int posX = (int)(Math.floor(ReliantWrapper.GetPlayerX())); int posY = (int)(Math.floor(ReliantWrapper.GetPlayerY())); int posZ = (int)(Math.floor(ReliantWrapper.GetPlayerZ())); if (ReliantMath.Distance(posX, posY, posZ, lpX, lpY, lpZ) >= 4) { this.Smash(); smash = true; } } try { Thread.sleep(150); } catch (java.lang.InterruptedException ex) { throw new RuntimeException(ex); } } } public void Stop() { running = false; } public void Smash() { int posX = (int)(Math.floor(ReliantWrapper.GetPlayerX())); int posY = (int)(Math.floor(ReliantWrapper.GetPlayerY())); int posZ = (int)(Math.floor(ReliantWrapper.GetPlayerZ())); int maxX = posX + GetBlockReachDistance(); int maxY = posY + GetBlockReachDistance(); int maxZ = posZ + GetBlockReachDistance(); int minX = posX - GetBlockReachDistance(); int minY = posY - GetBlockReachDistance(); int minZ = posZ - GetBlockReachDistance(); for(int i = minX; i < maxX; i++) { for(int j = minY; j < maxY; j++) { for(int k = minZ; k < maxZ; k++) { if(ReliantMath.Distance(posX, posY, posZ, i, j, k) <= GetBlockReachDistance()) { // mcref.world.getBlockId int blockid = ReliantWrapper.mcref.e.a(i, j, k); qk block = blockid <= 0 ? null : qk.m[blockid]; if(block != null && block == qk.aq) { ReliantWrapper.GetNetClientHandler().a(((hz) (new hp(0, i, j, k, 0)))); try { Thread.sleep(35); } catch (java.lang.InterruptedException ex) { throw new RuntimeException(ex); } } } } } } } public static int GetBlockReachDistance() { return 6; } }
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    You see that’s where I’m trying to get but I end up doing something to preoccupy myself that results in me staying awake. While completely my fault it’s a habit I’m willing to change however possible.
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    I usually go to sleep around 10 PM - 1 AM depending on how the day went and how I was feeling.
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    I wouldn't reliant on that client.
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    http://abcnews.go.com/International/award-winning-scientist-stephen-hawking-dies-76/story?id=53729818 https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/stephen-hawking-dead-obituary_us_55e9fa97e4b03784e275e7c1 http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-43396008 rest in peace sweet prince he made it very far though, especially with the shit he had. crazy.
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    I have to agree with this. I found this the easiest way to start, as I saw the 'behind the scenes' of how things work. Fuck, to be really technical, isn't that what most tutorials are? Just explaining what you're seeing? Therefore, by looking at something that's well written, or easy enough to understand for the level your at (at hopefully also giving you an insight on what is a bad way of approaching things, or vice versa), is just a tutorial, but without the in-depth explanation behind it, thus making you reliant (hah, that was unintended) on figuring out shit for yourself. Either that, or you just skid away. I hope for most people it's the first. And like Coruscantian said, getting the syntax is the first thing. Being that this is java, and the syntax, for me, is piss easy, and seeing how most modifications found in public clients are mainly if statements, with methods that sometimes play around with OpenGL, or use what people call "tick delays", it shouldn't be hard to interpret it, like you say. Sure, you get things that are super hard that you may not get, but it's all about experimentation, and trial/error, of which you also said. Oh, and one last thing in my 'rant of the day', you can't rule out other people's learning methods. That's like going to a school and saying "Johnny Bob McFuckingSkid pants, put that laptop away, we're learning about Abraham Lincoln, that can only be found in books." If looking at how other people do things, and then going from that is how you learn, fucking go for it, it's worked for me so far. tl;dr: - Don't rule out people's ways of learning, if that's how they learn, than fine. If you can teach them a better way of doing so, then do it, but otherwise, leave them alone. - Experiment. Do something you think may be totally wrong, because it just might not be. - Start doing something expecting to fail, and don't give up. We can't succeed if we don't fail first.
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    I agree with Sirenfal. Anime is nearly as bad as furries.
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    There's been several threads about this. Just learn Java and come back (After you learn Java, I don't see any need to come back, considering you'll know all about making the GUIs and hacks). You won't be able to learn anything from looking at our codes, nor can we spoonfeed you codes. If you "dissect" our codes, you're still using someone else's code, so you won't really learn much from it unless you know the function of each piece of code. There's plenty of Java tutorials available online, and if you want me to link you to one, I'll be glad to do it for you.
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