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    Not exactly the place to ask for a griefing team. Most people here are quite bitter about these posts, and rightly so as the forum isn’t really associated with griefing all that much.
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    Well that's good to know, but part of me wishes that they still did griefing videos, I miss them as i'm sure a lot of others here do too. I worried at first because I searched his name and couldn't find anyone by the name Storm_Surge, I guess he either changed his name, made himself invisible or opted to have his account removed from the forums. It's relieving to know that he's okay and is still out there somewhere, but I really do miss the old days.
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    Welcome to the Forums. No, Storm didn't die. I think it was confirmed that the tweet was a troll. Storm just has a job and a real busy life now. Puddleduck is just trolling, you'll see a lot of that here.
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    Greetings, nice formatting. Storm died.
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    https://cytu.be/r/Quality_Music_Only anyone can enter and its all synced to the server and has a chatbox for people to talk in
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    You're a saint puddleduck. Welcome!
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    Soo, I haven't played minecraft in a few years and I recently re installed it as soon as I got a much better computer. Aside from the cool ocean updates, a lot of loopholes have been fixed so hacking is no easy task. I decided to browse a couple of servers...hopped on vanilla and started deconstructing houses and stuff only to get banned...not really that vanilla... but then I found a server that a high school alumni who was admin on one server. Turns out that it is a FURRY SERVER! And yes it is as cringy as it sounds. There are custom paintings that says "Wombat woman is watching" with a picture of the cartoonized animal owner of server. I play casually on it and discover that there are a lot of plug ins that help you gain advantage in the game, such as lucky blocks you accumulate as you're mining and a super easy level up system where you gain XP for enchants...JUST BY WALKING, and other simple activities. The owner said that she coded all the plugins herself which is pretty cool. At the same time though, this allowed me to access higher level equipment easily, like an 'explosive pickaxe' which mines out a 3x3x3 per block hit. It's like a creative nuker but in survival game mode. This is a potentially devastating tool. As soon as I made a base as far away as possible to not be discovered, I found the best way to make walls for my base was pouring water over a lava fall from the top of the map. Quite massive. Anyways during the manufacturing of cobblestone from lava, other players were complaining of lag and an admin on there was just clueless and was entirely unaware of what I was doing. I realize that water on lava falls caused decent server lag. Multiply that by multiple lava falls and you have whats comparable to a smoke screen, as well as stupid amounts of cobblestone just being made. That got me thinking, griefing and other kinds of activity such as lava construction or redstone timers is just in game server stress testing
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    So guys, I'm just an ordinary college student with a lot of free time in my hands, as well as a long time follower of the Team Avolition Grieftasia movement since its infancy. That in fact is what compelled me to acquire a copy of the game as at the time i had a cracked client of Minecraft. Anyways, not only that, but I play a lot of first person shooters, my first ever being Quake III arena. It ran on a literal potato, I'm talking DDR1 gen hardware, which was my first computer ever, and one of the games that i could actually be able to play. But yeah because of learning about how Minecraft can be exploited back in the day, it inspired my career track of software engineering. I like being able to look at how stuff works under the hood. It's often overlooked by normal people
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    Man I haven't played in years. An old way that works pretty good, especially on cracked servers, is to take about 20 alts. Write a script that logs them in and out as fast as possible. It'll crash most servers that don't have specialized protections against this. Another way to increase the effectiveness and require fewer alts is to walk all the alts to different locations on the map that are far out and then log them in and out. That lava thing you discovered is actually pretty applicable to anything. If you can do anything that will require a large amount of block updates it'll bog down servers with shit hardware. You can also drop a large amount of items where more than one player is, assuming they don't have plugins to deal with this. Lava where player set spawns is always fun. Abuse of poorly made plugins is always a good route. Most servers where the owner makes the plugins that are medium sized have pretty terrible plugins that are very very abuse-able. Just have to think outside the box. With the walking as XP thing you could set something on your W key to auto gain experience for hours. That explosive pick axe thing may be able to destroy things that are a block inside protected areas. If you can program you'll likely be able to make any item a nuke depending on how she designed it. Key to finding exploits is to use things how the developer has not thought how you'll use them. Be creative and try things out, think outside the box. You'll always be shocked by what you can find.
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    What's your SSN?
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    Programming is easy, it's problem solving that is hard. I always stand by this. Just learn python, which is the unarguably GREATEST programming language of all time, and this is coming from someone who writes everything in C/C++. But just look up python tutorials, it is super easy to learn. Also use python 3 because python 2 is outdated.
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    Please read the following rules before you use this site. Site Rules Do not discuss anything illegal. Do not post inappropriate content. Graphic violence, pornography, and excessive profanity don't belong here. Do not post executable files. Do not harass/dox/threaten other users. If you can't help yourself, come back once you finish middle school. Zero tolerance. Do not create multiple accounts. This is usually a sign that you're up to no good, so we'll just ban all of them. Do not spam the forum. Do not advertise. Do not give or ask for legal or medical advice. This is an English forum. Post in English. Think before you post. Try to contribute to the discussion. Use common sense. Post in the correct section. This makes it easier for others to find relevant threads. Don't bump old threads. If a thread hasn't been active for a couple weeks, leave it alone unless you have a good reason. Proof read your posts. No one is likely to take you seriously if you can't spell. If somebody breaks the rules, just report it. Don't clutter the thread with posts about how somebody broke the rules. If you break the rules, this is what will happen: If you do something mildly annoying, you might get a warning. If you violate the rules, we'll remove the content. If we think you're going to break more rules, we'll suspend your posting privileges for some time. If you do anything malicious or really annoying, you'll get banned. Use common sense, it doesn't matter if something isn't in the rules. Don't be a dick.
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    I mean, if you read my post you'd see I invited you at the bottom to explain why Discord is better than TeamSpeak rather than equal to TeamSpeak. Since I don't care about paying for the server license, nor the hosting, and there are tangible benefits (as you yourself just admitted) to using TeamSpeak, I think I've made myself pretty clear As for downvotes and retards, the people in this thread are retarded for saying we use Discord, because we don't. This thread was specifically asking about the aVo Ventrilo and where we went. The people who mentioned Discord are stupid because it's impossible for anyone to think we went to Discord because we never used it. They're talking out of their asses with no information relevant to the question OP asked. We went to TeamSpeak. As I said in the long post I wrote that you didn't bother reading, or at least are too stupid to understand, Discord as an application is fine and I don't think it's bad for anyone to use it. In my original post I said "Discord sucks", which is just me being short and implying I think TS is better (which I do). Welcome to the aVo forums. It's weird, I thought you've been around since 2012 so you'd realize that short, half dick replies are par the course here, as was something like the joke at the bottom of my long post, but I guess you were looking for a hugbox. If you were, I suggest NeoGAF. As for your post itself, I mostly see you complaining and missing the points I made. I don't think you're interesting or, for that matter, have any genuine interest in balancing Discord against TeamSpeak (or Mumble for that matter), so I'm not going to bother educating you. If you decide you do want a genuine debate, you're welcome to talk to me about it on voice chat. I don't come on the forums anymore because I don't have the patience to write long posts talking to retards like you who only care about 'winning' an argument, rather than actually learning something from it. Peace.
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    Apparently, you people don't understand that welcoming someone does not mean you look down on anyone simply because of how they talk and how they introduce themselves. There are ways to DEAL with introductions, and this is going to help you: 1. "Oh your intro was SO long, I don't even know what to do." I've been seeing this with short intros. FIRST OF ALL. A lot of members are lurkers or very new. They've had trouble joining because of a bit of shyness or they're just fresh, greenhorns. Maybe they don't know what to say. THIS IS ACCEPTABLE. If you're honestly curious to talk to this person, why not PM them and start a convo? Or why not start a convo in the thread and find out a little bit more? Do NOT give a person any sort of crap simply because they're not meeting any unspoken standard of introducing themselves. They're here now, and that's what is important. 2. "Your grammar makes me want to cry." I understand it's frustrating. This DOES NOT MEAN you can point and laugh and mini-mod it at all. PM THEM explaining the rule and if they throw attitude, send them my way, I WILL DEAL WITH THEM. Stop taking things into your own hands. 3. "Stop being a fanboy." USE YOUR COMMON SENSE. OF COURSE FANBOYS/GIRLS ARE GOING TO COME TO THE FORUMS. That doesn't mean they're necessarily bad people, or even remotely intelligent. Team Avo gathers fans, what do you WANT? It's not as if anyone can filter out who should be here and who shouldn't. So stop complaining. 4. Finally, if there is something you don't like, just because they didn't read the rules, or bla bla bla, IGNORE IT. I don't know how many times I can stress this. IGNORE. IT. LEAVE IT ALONE. DO NOT START FIGHTS/INSULT WARS/ FLAME WARS. It's not WITTY, it doesn't make you look FUNNY. I've seen some pretty hurtful things and it's breaking my heart. This subsection is here to WELCOME people, NOT to please anyone or requires your approval. Please please PLEASE read these and if you have any sort of problem with them, PM me, I will happily walk you through each rule or whatever your problem may be. Okay. Phew. C: Have a nice day!
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    Hello im looking for a team to grief with give me a msg if you want in.
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    contact me to fuck up some servers i got on good tonight so chuck us a msg
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