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    Well that's good to know, but part of me wishes that they still did griefing videos, I miss them as i'm sure a lot of others here do too. I worried at first because I searched his name and couldn't find anyone by the name Storm_Surge, I guess he either changed his name, made himself invisible or opted to have his account removed from the forums. It's relieving to know that he's okay and is still out there somewhere, but I really do miss the old days.
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    Welcome to the Forums. No, Storm didn't die. I think it was confirmed that the tweet was a troll. Storm just has a job and a real busy life now. Puddleduck is just trolling, you'll see a lot of that here.
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    Greetings, nice formatting. Storm died.
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    You're a saint puddleduck. Welcome!
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    Not exactly the place to ask for a griefing team. Most people here are quite bitter about these posts, and rightly so as the forum isn’t really associated with griefing all that much.
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    contact me to fuck up some servers i got on good tonight so chuck us a msg
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